Waste not or evasion bug


6* Sandy used her at to kill 6* Tyreese and waste not was absorbed by 6* Negans evasion.

Working as intended?


Working as intended :), same thing happens to Indomitable Specialist. If it receives the extra Waste Not damage, it will get Defense buff.


That’s a sad face! Thanks tho


The only way to bypass Evasion is Bleed, Burn, Maim, and Reflect Damage Weapon Effect.


In that scene with negan taking the extra damage from waste not does it calculate using his defense number or ty defense number?


Neither, the extra damage is a flat calculation based on remaining HP from the original target.

Gleen attacks a target who has 50 hp remaining.
After the regular attack calculation Gleen x target, lets say it was defined that damage was 120.
So, as the damage is enough to kill the first target, the remaining 70 (120 - 50) damage is flatly applied to an adjacent target fighter.


Thanks :slight_smile: