Waste Not and New League Store Character Shawn

In both screen shots it’s showing the 2 toons adjacent to the bennys receiving same exact damage (first one 901 and 901 2nd one 552 and 552) and the benidicts taking massive damage. Very odd since they did not die correct? Seems that you would see the opposite. …definitely a bug

Yeah you’re right, it does only show damage done. Same thing is happening in @The_Pope video above. His target takes 2,600ish damage and, assume that’s Homemart world stage, should be indicating much less damage

That’s because of pain split

Oh so there’s pain split that may have something to do with it

Can you test it without pain split? Could be that there is a bug in how waste not and pain split interact, rather than an issue with Shawn himself

Take a look at this. Questions directly to pain split and waste not together

It’s possible there’s a bug. I don’t have time to really look into it but this might be helpful idk

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The upload seems to be broken. I hosted somewhere else. Sorry for the fuzz.

Judge for yourself. Shawn is maxed, sitting at 3.4k att.

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Hits pretty hard. Could you make one with SR zeke as lead? Curious to see if it can somewhat do the same job.

I have him at T1 and I dunno, seems the Waste not doesn’t work properly for me

Hits pretty hard? Dude, he has 3.4k ATT, +40% leader skill + 40% from weapon + 75% from his active aswell as trait advantage against a Lydia that has no bonus HP, took over 500 damage before Shawn’s rush and has -50% DEF from Harper debuff. And the rush still doesn’t take her out. On top of that 4 instances of ‘Waste Not’ were wasted.

If that last hit hadn’t taken her out, she’d be reviving Holly who would Revive God knows who. And Lydia isn’t even gen2 tank.

Cant make that video, it’s not my Shawn. Mine is still 5*. But with Eze lead you’ll be lacking quite a bit of damage.

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Actually, Lydia didn’t have the 50% debuff as she had a guardian shield when Harper’s ar hit her, if she had she would have died as well, clearly.

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From all im reading, hes still not worth sacrificing so many tokens that can be used on gear to level MULTIPLE legendaries. Hes nice, but not that nice.


I could have sworn I saw the debuff icon. I checked again. You’re right, I stand corrected.

However, I’m still not impressed. If you don’t have disarm (and many freebies don’t), there will likely be hickups in form of some weapon special triggering. I don’t think he will cut through the bonus HP if things get delayed. Also freebies don’t have this kind of lead available.

So I don’t think this guy will be the f2p solution to the current meta. That’s why I didn’t ascend him yet. I’ll wait a little longer and see what others will come up with before I waste resources on him.

Depends a lot on how active you are in leagues and level ups for league store tokens, as well as how selective you are about using gear on characters you probably won’t use. 2 million gets you 17.1K tokens per solo level up, and we have at least 16 of those per week last i checked, so his gear costs aren’t that crazy imho.

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Honestly he’s a decent toon but as any other needs the right toons around him to make him shine.
As more "Gen 2 " toons are released there will be more toons available to pair him with. He’s not for everyone but I’ve seen a few videos as well and he does pretty damn well against a great setup.

Which legendaries fo most people have that would be better to level than Shawn? Most ftp toons worth anything are already leveled

Ones that arent in the roster yet. His overall price is just too steep. Do what you want, man. I just call as i see.

Sure, if youre willing to coin the cooldown to make him viable vs top tier.

So he is not your cup of tea in terms of performance. I still think he hits hard from what I saw I mean he even took out some tanky blues which for any green character is hard to do. Besides if it was me building a team around Shawn I would still bring alpha for clean up.

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i won’t be coin refreshing anything as i’m not usually in a that big a hurry to level people (haven’t bought either toon as of yet). i was sitting on 80k league store tokens when the new gear dropped though so it’s just a matter of a few refreshes. i tend to be far more hard pressed for gold ascension medals than anything to do with gear, personally.