Waste Not and New League Store Character Shawn

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Guys I was hoping for some clarification on waste not.

Shawn’s rush is an aoe and his specialist skill waste not.

As far as I understand it, waste not states that when that rush kills an enemy any leftover damage will go to an adjacent enemy.

Let’s say you fire off Shawn’s rush and he kills 3 flat out and exceeds the damage needed. Would that trigger a waste not to other enemy characters three times? Or does waste not only apply to the character targeted initially? Like the centre toon on the opposition side?

I hope that makes sense. It would be good to know this to make a more informed choice about the new league store characters.


Was thinking the same. Worst case can be waste not does not take effect on a character that undertaking damage already. That will make it useless during AR.

Yeah I am really hoping that is not the case!

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Waste not your league tokens.


I see what you did there


@Shawn.Scopely perhaps some insight into this please? As the character is modelled after you? Please let us know how this waste not is meant to work

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The way it reads an enemy as singular. They didn’t think this through all the way and it’s basically pointless on an aoe, or it will be massive. I imagine it’s only the targeted toon’s damage that will carry over to 1enemy. So targeting the middle toon will only carry over to 1 target if there’s excess damage.


Or you could just get lucky on a pull and grab a decap Alpha…

You will figure how he works after spending 100 000 league depot tokens


Doesn’t work this way unfortunately

So does waste not do anything at all? Other than if he killed an enemy with a regular or crit attack?

Idk if people are just saying things by pure speculation, but Shawn’s Waste Not works like this:

If he targets the bottom row, and his AOE AR kills the middle guy, the Waste Not on that middle guy can be applied to somebody on the top row.

Confirmed by testing

So if he targets centre guy and kills two, what happens. Does the excess from both the dead two go to one/two of the other three?

Each kill will trigger a separate instance of Waste Not, so yeah he can kill 2 with his AR and the excess damage will go to others

I don’t think the waste not will stack. I believe you only get what is recieved from the nearby dead enemy.

Not in my experience. Hitting down middle, killing 3 2 left on opposite sides

This is terrible logic. Just because he didn’t kill everyone doesn’t mean he didn’t apply Waste Not, it just means he wasn’t strong enough to kill everyone.

This dude is a waste. The way it works, likely being as intended, you dont get a distribution of all surplus damage. So in summary - he isn’t the crazy slaughter machine that you thought he was going to be… Of course, don’t expect any clarification from Scopely until after they see that people have spent league tokens to acquire and upgrade him. Hopefully (as they see it), you’ve also spent coins to refresh the depot to get the necessary gear to upgrade him as well.


As i stated, only useful to whales that buy all their gear.

Waste Not only triggers for the primary target of the rush.