Waste Not activating Negan

I will say this as well if you were lucky enough like me and got Diego from the war pull wheel his AR didn’t do enough damage to cause payback to fire so it’ll help ya kill a little faster :slight_smile:

Ahh wasn’t sure if you were thinking it fired every time on wn lol

I understand cause the source of the dmg is the rush

The source of the damage is from the specialty skill. Not the rush. The rush damage is applied to the three.

Agreeing with @Kanaima here. Waste not is adjacent damage.

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No it’s not the same. The waste not effect is a overflow of damage. Accumulated and then applied to next target. It’s not a rush effect.

I’m with Ricky here. It’s similar to payback not triggering payback if the original source was a rush.

The source doesn’t matter as it’s the specialist skill that moves that applies the damage.

I think you just gave an answer to my next question which was can i reflect reflect?

Rush damage taken when not directly targeted would be the other two toons (assuming you hit bottom left, then it would be top left and center). The fourth toon would be targeted by Waste Not and if it’s Negan should NOT be triggering Payback. @LadyGeek @Shawn.Scopely

Likewise collateral damage 2 should not activate Payback. So thinking someone like Konrad rushing causing collateral damage 2 should not have Payback pop off.

Another good point!

Is the excess damage, it is not a new damage, so I think Waste Not damage popping Payback is consistent. It makes him more OP, sure, but consistent.

As for reflect damage, it reflects as regular damage (which we can double check with Maim, since when Maim is reflected, it reflects as regular damage, not Maim damage).

Waste not takes regular damage and turns excess into regular adjacent damage it also takes the rush damage and turns it into adjacent rush damage. If the original damage was regular damage, it does not trigger payback. If the original damage was rush damage, it does trigger payback. I don’t see it as a bug, but rather a design decision.


I see, but still a terrible decision since it’s clearly a product of his specialty and his card doesn’t mention speciality. But it’s okay. I’m sure most will be running two anyway.

As lg said… if the source of waste not is a rush it will trigger payback, if not, won’t trigger. Same for colateral dmg

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@Shawn.Scopely I assume this is working as intended since it hasn’t been acknowledged? Thanks.

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Thanks. Didn’t see that. :+1:t2:

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Lost all 34 raids vs this unbalanced negan. F2p are seriously done.

It’s a bad design decision.

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