Wasn't scopely giving 1k cakes for #1 in faction level up?

Now looks being nerved it was 1k for #1 in level up and 650 for raids. stay tuned to see 225 cakes for #1 on this faction raids :wink:


It was always 650 for faction

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Solo level up was 2k for first, solo raid and SR were 1k for first, but last faction level up was just 650 for 1st too.

2k for solo but only 650 for faction makes no sense

because it takes 10 mil to win a solo and only 3 mil by every member to win a faction so a lot less effort, time and resources needed


My faction places first in everything and while that amount sucks, it’s what has been given out

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It doesn’t anymore take 10 mill for solo I’m in a hyper active region and lately just getting around 5 will get u one

that’s your region in mine I did over 5 mil for 3rd , every level up here is over 10 mil

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Rewards are just so poor. They have been for so long. @GR.Scopely @Parker @LadyGeek @Conquest and anyone else on PC.

This should be the number one item on your agenda until it changes. All out dated items should no longer be in the rewards or milestones. I’m looking at you five star tokens, four star weapon tokens, four star weapon items (DT and PK) and burts (Im sure there are more).

Two things:

All ranks should include S Class items. Five star tokens are absolutely useless especially since we barely need fodder for ascending since Legacies are gone.

Choice boxes! Every rank needs to be a choice box! Players simply don’t want to have 3-5k of each item before you move to the next one.

At its core, this game is a competition. We need to be competing for something of value otherwise why play or spend?


Faction events have always had smaller prizes than solo ones. This is nothing new.


@topher didn’t ask the title to be fixed bud

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Faction events have always been garbage, when they aren’t it’s by accident not by design


Shut the f up no way :frowning:

It was always 650 for faction level up, rewards are really bad for fa and we need a change asap

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It’s roughly equivalent to a solo levelup win for every three faction levelup wins. To barely have a chance of keeping up, assuming a faction levelup every three weeks, you’d have to win a solo levelup every two months. There’s a player or two each region who can do that, maybe.

Or to put it another way, let’s assume a faction levelup every three weeks on average, as they seem to have had recently. That would mean 5 solos per faction levelup. Let’s also assume that only people from #1 faction ever place in solos, so the faction receives 3k as a whole. That would mean that faction gets to distribute 15,000 collectibles among themselves (5*(2,000 + 21,000)). From the faction levelup, they gain 19,500 (30650). So even if the faction wins #1-#3 on every single solo, they still get more from the faction tournament.

And for what, an average of often below three mil, instead of the 10-20 mil a solo requires?

I hear ya - this items is a recurring one in my discussion with the team (removing outdated items) and improving the rest of the rewards.

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sick of this single collection item as a reward. I dont want hengyen and im pretty sure there are many who are are focusing on some other toons. Please if you are not going to bring back those 3.2k collection items or 1k items as lvl up rewards atleast let us choose the collection of our choice.

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or atleast a trading system like with the extra blue keys would help too.

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