Wasn't 30 day pass meant to be updated today

@kalishane thought 30 day pass was gonna get what it needed today a update is it being held back to 14tj when xmas event releases or do we have to wait a few more hours

scam my dudeeeeee

This ^ question

@kalishane you said the 12th, its the 12th, we getting it today?

It should be out 9.1 – I will double check!

And, I don’t believe I promised – but it was slated for 12/12.

Dates for updates are almost always pushed.

So enlighten us, whats NEW in the NEW pass? @kalishane

Yeah mine expired I haven’t updated either, kinda excited for It the same time not sure how to feel about it cuz… it’s scopely

I’m on 9.1 and still the same rewards

Seeing what they did for gear maps… I’m really skeptical for this … maybe a bag each day with chance of 70 coins?


This is still in beta, correct?

What is different in the pass?

I got my 30 day crate early this morning & got the same Jesus toon I’ve gotten 6× now. This is December 12… Version: (269-8). There’s no update in the Google Play store either.

I am apart of the beta yes.

Will it be Alert Carl every month? 70 coins?

It’s live content, so it will be set live when the update is pushed to everyone!

I will keep you updated and announce the changes when they go live.

Thank you!

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Why do some have it already? A very few…I am beta.

Makes sense. Thanks Shane.