Was this the luckiest player in the game?

These are just some of the characters I’ve seen in this account.

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Nope that player is hacker!
Prestige 7 with 10×6 stars and Red Beta , Shield Jesus , Harper , Hunter , Tyreese is impossible!


#Pay2Play baby

Prestige 7 is a stretch, I’m near prestige 13 and don’t have even half of those :joy:

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Nah they clearly are the luckiest f2p player in the game 100% legit.


Please review the post for information on how to report cheating.

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getting the toon is the easy part, u can get lucky or even got then when it was 12 pulls for 12 bucks

it’s the gear and weapons that give it away, a new player would have no chance is gettjng so much gear without buying it and that’s alot of coins

they can always get lucky and one pull each of those toons!

15k is 2 big pulls and one 10… So no

And there was no promos for them toons other then overpriced ty offer

Anyone can spend to get anything you know…lucky or unlucky

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spending with vk dont count.

Or through Tapjoy.

Not true , see his Prestige . He’s anche hacker

has nobody ever noticed this glitch in territories? this might not even be his team. quite often it shows same team over and over when there is accumulated attack log.

Although it could be a hacker, this is true too. If you do a bunch of attacks on a territory, it shows the first persons name.

ie) 1) In a stacked territory, you first hit Naruto. You kill his crappy team and he has no more teams.
2) You keep attacking the same territory. This time you attack a whale.
3) In the summary screen, you see the whale team, but Narutos name is still there.

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He has already confirmed that he bought a hacker’s account, and challenged him to ban it

where is the proofs of his words saying this thing it is ok to get accounts from a friend or to play for them if a holiday is up or maybe they have to work

Look, it’s not just a territory bug.


Only unlucky players are people who still play this game still XD

A new user aint even going high coin offers to start with let alone their region will have fuck all just like aus has. They also rarely pay out next. Let alone need 18.6k worth of coins and you aint you getting that with tapshit any time soon

Give bit and he have them all maxed with gear gate going on right now for 6 stars. Seemly they are all 6 he would not have toons level them and then 5 star trainers at 15k… work it out.