Was their ever an in game announcement as to exact date and time sweaters would stop being available?

All I can find is this.

If was explicitly explained but it did say it would end on the 6th. Since it started at 7pm my time, I told our faction we should start our last assault by 7pm today. And that’s when the sweaters dissappeared from the rewards. The museum closes 24 hours after that per the timer

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No. If you would actually read the forums, you would see all the people asking.

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I’m just excited to see what the next event will be. Goodbye Winter Tokens, bring on the next

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Yeah, I saw it said it would end on the 6th, but it didnt say what time.

And I read the forums as well, but no reply came from Scopely. Only assumptions and guesses from forum members.

I guess I should rephrase my question:

“Was their ever an OFFICIAL IN GAME announcement FROM THE GAME MAKERS, SCOPELY, as to the exact date and time the sweaters would stop being available and NOT guesses and assumptions from the game players themselves in the forums”

Again, no. Could have read the forums like I said.

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Not everyone has time to roam around the fourms like you

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Factions shouldn’t have to rely on the forums to find out the time of an event ending. Our faction started a baby faction assault a few hours ago with the intent to finish shortly. When we started it the sweaters were listed as a reward, an hour or so ago, they still were. Now they’re gone.

It’s still June 6th and this feels like a bait and switch, which I’m sure was not the intention. We have folks who were just shy of a pull and this would have allowed it. @JB.Scopely is there anything you can do or tell those of us who started and are finishing a FA today?

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A quick little check never did anyone any harm.

They didn’t. There was no information given here which wasn’t posted in game.

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Update! We JUST finished ours and while the sweaters didn’t show in the reward breakdown, they were part of the rewards in our inbox :slight_smile:


This is rediculous Scopely. The sweaters we rewards when we started our faction assault then they vanished. So its OK to pull rewards for an ongoing event when progress has started?

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What time?

Read the comment above yours…

Thanks. I was getting really poopy for a minute. Lol

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It was literally pinned to to top of the page up until like two days ago.

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They should do like what they did to the territories alert or limited time offer pop up things
If that’s they want everyone know

No excuse for them this time

@Bane. Yes, I know the message that was pinned to the top of the board, but again, I asked:

  1. if there was an IN GAME announcement. Players shouldn’t be required to visit the forums for event specifics and especially for event specifics only speculated by forum members. They should come from Scopely.

  2. If it mentioned the end time for the sweaters in Faction Assault. Just saying it ends on the 6th isnt good enough.

But literally, thanks for the help though.

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So what’s the deal @JB.Scopely we opened FA and sweaters were there as a reward now they’ve disappeared??? People spent money to get tickets for the final FA. Museum is still running sweaters so dont see why they’ve been pulled as a reward from FA.

If you started assault with sweaters as rewards, you will get them when u complete it