Was The Road Warrior Event Good For Free To Play.This One is fucked up

  • Yes It was
  • No It wasn’t

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Several ftps in my faction got their Sandys and Bruces. The others got Betas and Sophias.

I spent about $20 on tires to get me where I wanted to be as I missed the first few days.

I’d say it was good for everyone in my crew.

To start - yes i got an Beta, so not a total wash out.


It was a massive grind fest and the top tier toons were only achievable by people, who probably already have toons of that caliber.
Not everyone should be able to get top awards, but when it became blindingly obvious I and many others would get no where near it turned into a right borefest


Yes. I’ll be able to get Bruce after the upcoming SR. Did not buy any extra red keys and only hit 2400, 2500, and 4000 in the 3 raid tournaments without using refills outside of those tournaments. The event was way more F2P than expected and predicted.

I Fucked it up so looks like I’ll make another one

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Except everyone said it would be f2p

I didn’t get Bruce/Sandy myself, due to lack of cans and missing the top level up milestones. But the event was technically still good for F2P, they had an easy chance to get one of two 6*s then clean up on ascendance medals

All said and done, more decaps do need to become available

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No. Players had the initial assumption that it was F2P at first, but after the first few days, many claimed otherwise and thought it was unfair.(numerous threads about that.) Now that we’re at the end, it ended up being less of a grind than even I expected.

I liked the challenge of the roadmaps but like laney said - it became obvious quickly that unless you spent then Bruce and sandy would be very hard to get. I went for Beta by the way.

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In before the thread merge,

Except at its conclusion now, it looks like no spending was needed at all.

Unless you have a s10 team and 1000000 batteries I don’t think it was possible

You wouldn’t need 100000000 batteries because you only need a little less than 1.1k per red key for the hard roadmap, which was given by milestones. The amount of batteries needed was always sufficiently given by the milestones.

S10 team also wasn’t needed because the hard roadmap was easily doable with the right strategy and faction mate.


Sure you can get enough. Batteries.If you can get 1-2 mil each level up

Which is easily doable by F2P players. I did it, and so have others.

People weren’t primarily concerned with not hitting the milestones for the batteries, but rather that they may not get enough tires from the roadmaps/daily play and that they’d have to use multitudes of raid cans to farm them up.

F2p but grinded it out.
No coins or cash
75 raids cans used and used daily energy
hit all the 1.25 milestones for batteries.
Didn’t miss a roadmap.
Still 140 tires short for Sandy atm but i should be done tonight.

F2p yes
Grind yes


There are three factors at play to determine whether this was “good” for F2P or “easily doable”.

  1. Your ability to complete the Roadmaps
  2. Your ability to hit the relevant milestones
  3. Your available “free” coins to buy things from store

The event was 15 days of maps (16 if JB is right and there is another round after 8am UTC on the 14th) so, whilst that offered players 15 lots of rewards, the single key over CRW weekend meant that it was only possibly to complete 14 maps. Even if you bought a key with (“free”) coins, you would only have about 300 batteries - not enough to complete either map without further purchase.

14 lots of Road Rage, plus 15 days of Cruisin’ was 17,006 Tyres - 3,564 short of a Bruce or Sandy. At an average of 5 tyres per drop, and assuming natural raid energy is about 4 cans per day, that is 60 cans over the event. A reasonable ask for F2P who don’t have that kind of stock, but not completely beyond the realms of possibility.

Not that anyone cares, but 14 lots of Horse Power plus Crusin’ was plenty for Sophia or Beta without raiding.


Okay.Its still pretty pay to win imo

After todays maps i will cash in my collections for Bruce and Beta. I did buy the starter pack and a few extra keys, but if i hadnt Bruce would still been in my grasps. I liked the event, but not gonna lie the grindy part got lackluster days ago.

if the event ended without the last level up and sr giving keys and batterirsz, it eould have been hard, now its alot easier for f2p to get something, bruce and sandy still a slight stretch but not impossible withiut paying