Was anyone else lucky?

Just got this guy from the museum. He looks like he’ll be good because of his specialist. Gonna have to find a way to keep him alive though


Congrats, but have you got the flags to level him up?

I’ve got 44 right now

Good, he’s an awesome decap

Does he only use the flags to lvl like SC andrea with comics? Or is he like tara, a mix of normal and his special gear?

Special gear and food, he only uses them when ascended tho

Cool. So like andrea. Any clue how much it takes to max him?

54 red flags and 4 black flags

Cool. I’ve got like 7 black flags. Just need 10 red and we’re all good

He’s gotta be flattened by S-Class toons.


True, but that’s all 6*


of course he is just like all my characters this war :confused:


Nope. Axel is a really good toon on attack and he stands up. I wind up reviving s Priya WAY more often than Axel. I think that part of it may be the AI focusing on my most dangerous toons first. Not sure, just a theory. I do know that Axel is a beast, though.

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