Wars - Towers - defend or ghost?


Hey Everyone, Have a question about the Towers during wars.

What is your faction tactics:
Defend and let the enemy takes it?
Ghost and retake it everytime the timer runes out?

Which one and why?

My faction has been ghosting towers. to not give any extra points and avoid losing it once the timer runs out.


Simple. Take and stack against a faction that can beat you and ghost them against an easy faction that can’t.


Pretty much what we do, sometimes we stack two and ghost one, doesn’t matter the opponent


@IronandWine seems like a good plan.

Untill now we’ve always ghosted.

But it only seams feasable stacking if you have at least 5 stacking… right?


Always sweep the leg! That’s how you go home with the prom queen , no mercy, cobra kai!


Always ghost. It dont take energy. Not that hard to simply pay attention to the timer on towers. Stacking is a waste of energy.


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