Wars match-making

What and when are you going to do something aboit this crap system of match-making? This war was the shittiest of them all, every war was against top5 factions, we have 8 members with rep from 3-16k and most of them are under 8k and everytime we get matched with players over 24-25k rep, please tell me how is that fair and why should we play? Just to farm the big guys some points? That’s the last war I am participating in, u need to solve all the problems around stop expecting more money and start expecting some demands for those money.


I didn’t think it was matched on rep. I thought it was matched on rosters?

It’s not the system… it’s cause there is not enough active factions searching. You’d need other factions of same strengths of yours searching at the same time with you to get match with them, otherwise the system will match you with who is available. Top fac are always searching so…


Struggling que is a problem for many factions having 5 to 7 on only for hours. Destroying the fun out of war and not enough warring makes it very very long for those that did fill.

8 out of 30 online 24 7 for a weekend is also very crazy actually. Either lower the amount that’s needed or raise the amount of players that can fit in a faction. Allow everyone to war not just the top factions that have all the super active players. Give the rest a chance too war and less search time that way for everyone

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I think the best way to do that is by allowing different regions to do the wars, this region only wars makes it impossible forany faction that is not in top 5 to achieve their milestones, I have participated in 24 wars and I barely got 37k points, not even the 50k milestone, that is not even real considering that I have an S8++ attack team, but there is no way u can compete against players that spend thousands every month in this game, I am not saying not to give them an advantage but let’s make the game fun and playable for the rest of us as well, I think this is the last war I am ever going to participate in if they don’t think about something we have about 5-6 wars won and about 17 lost, basically we just provide the big guys points so they can achieve their milestones and that’s quite it no fun what so ever.

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Yup… right now it’s a sad situation in most regions.

6 times we faced No1 faction in a row other top 5 factions are waring we rank 3 faction so if half our party wasn’t sitters we could give them a run but there should be something to prevent u just getting same faction every time

Maybe if u have faced the same faction 3 times in a row have a 30min timer before u can face again

I think the best solution is to allow all regions to participate in war with all regions that way u will always have enemies which are equal and always someone active, we are in Greenwood, one of the top regions and that means most of the top players as well, gl having a chance in events, even the lvl up and survival roads are absolutely useless for us it’s always the same players in top 100 in rankings, isn’t there some kind of solution for Scopely to find to give us all a chance? Or should we just quit the game and leave only the big spenders to play let’s see how much fun will they have and for how long will they keep spending if they have no one to play with, but Scopely never cares about the players, 1 and a half year since I play and we still have the same territory bugs the same game crashes and same problems that we are facing everyday, they just pit another toon in the game overpowered like Lydia or that new human shield with regaining hp when attacking and everyone is happy, ppl spend money and they have money to spend, nothing else matters, i am really disappointed lately with the developers and their opinion about players.

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