Wars are broken mess and $copely don’t want to fix it

No team restrictions means no tactics, just put your 3 revives behind a shield.

The current meta if you want to call it is revive until time out.

It’s a problem which is easy solved by limiting revives to once per team and teams have slots such as Tank, Damage and Heal.

If Scopely don’t balance their game it will just make wars an exercise in boredom.


This was the meta 3-6 months ago (not to mention since 6s Erika release) in Tier 1 competition.

Now it has moved down to the baseline competition, however unlike when Tier 1 had it, you haven’t had opportunities at the necessary offensive toons to take on these team constructions, especially with some of the buff combination type toons. Here’s hoping season 4 offers some more exciting opportunities.


Probably too little too late.


Or quit the game and move on with your life. Cause they ain’t fixing shit if you haven’t noticed.


I hope in season 4 they give us dissarm/decapitate. or new havy debuff character.We need them do kill current meta.

Top teams are not running these teams now Scampi, attack def teams now

Imagine a world in 6 months where everyone is asking for shields and revives. How easy they forgot…

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Wars suck now.


@High_Power take this guy out back,and teach him a lesson

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They won’t limit teams, have to cater to the spenders cause they will complain if they cannot use 4 revives behind a shield.

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Limiting team compositions in favor of “balance” will make the game boring. Rather than putting limits, try figuring out a team that can take down these revive/shields. It’s difficult, but not impossible.

Both season 4 toons were leaked, that yellow one with taunt weapon tho! Hope its berserker

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These posts are on repeat.

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He’s the yellow decap everyone’s crying for.


what are the top defence and attack teams being used by the top teams?

Its too late for them to try and fix anything.

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Are you an shill or what? Cuz scopely doesnt fix. They only break.


We might as well be naked.

5x 2s with reflect mods and reflect weapons might have more of an effect at keeping us alive.

I wish lol wayland avoids me as much as disarm michonne

It’s normal to see scopely F— Up the simplests of Tasks