Warring the same faction over and over


In my region, we have fought the same faction 5/6 times back to back. Is it just happening in a dying region or is it something wrong in particular with this matchmaking bug? Thanks in advance!


I guess it has to do with the amount of factions participating. Seeing the same names in first places again and again is frustrating. There is no real competition given anymore.


Same in Marion, Top faction fighting 2 and 3 continually. Can only match what is in queue


Rockdale top 2 faved each other all night. Solid 10 in a row. Just awfulness.


You need to get in contact with the other faction so when they are searching you are not to be searching when they are in war that’s your time to search we have the same problem in our region and that’s what we do


Same in Bacon. We keep getting the same factions over and over again. Only 28 factions are active in this war event.


Been the same in both of my regions, 3 out 4 times is usually the same faction. Good for them, not for us. I thought this issue was gonna be fixed after the last war?


Same in Randolph, same faction up to 8 times in a row


We pulled the top faction in our region 4 times in a row. They had 2 matches while we spun for 30 minutes each time so it was not as simple as searching at the same time


Makes no sense, we have 25+ factions warring, yet get the number 1 faction almost every match. Alot of the other factions are warring alot, but we get stuck fighting the same one. Really sucking the life out of war, even worse they brag like their hot shit cause they faction farmed and everyone has tier 4 6* full teams. Pretty lame. :frowning:


We must have an active region from not having to hit the number one faction every time we don’t have the same problem as you when they’re at War we will find War


Same in talladega. In reputation we are the 2nd. We fight everytime against 1st and another small faction ( only 16 members but very strong ). Sometimes 3rd 4th and rarely 6th or 7th…


I did the math at one point we had 106 wars and faced the top faction 27.8% of the time including 4 straight wars. We can beat them but cant out spend them. No one else tries so they can conserve thier resources for facing us. The only real solution would be a region merge. We only really had 12 good active factions this war. Were a high capacity region with a bunch of dead factions taking up space. Recent changes in game mechanics have made it harder to obtain necessary needed gear to upgrade. 6*s are nice but once again cater to the whales. So many people are just quitting leaving thier dead accou ts behind to take up space.im sure there are many regions with this same problem. CRW is not the answer it only further exacerbates the problem with matchmaking. Merging several regions same as mine would add an influx or players that are active and revive several regions at once. Cut factions from 30 to 20 would force the top factions with all the talent to disband members to form more active factions. An idea a friend told me. Make all wars 6v6. Make for more activity cause tou can fill quicker creating more wars and more competition. War is the only real event left after all.


Only 25 active in mine


I’m in Escambia, my team was 5th all event long, until the end, we got pit against the number one faction more times then I have fingers and toes, more and more bullshit, we dropped to sixth because of the awful match making this game has, but what can I say? It’s rinse, wash, repeat, same teams, team players, same place being won, same faction at the top running the show, it’s getting boring, I like how Scopely is giving free 6 stars away, it’s a great step forward, but I hate the fact when I play so hard, the bigger wallet always wins, or how when questions about a 6 star map is mentioned, they ignore you, way to treat the people who care about your game.

Sorry, I went balls deep, just frustrating.


Judging from the active factions in my region, people believed its because our region is dying BUT it turned out there was more activity than usual. The problem is when they have the bug such as what happened and the hour searching time EVERYONE in game had Saturday people believed the game/region was dying pushing many to abandon the game midway through the weekend. Some literally selling their roster and destroying their town.

Seems a bug like this should be addressed by Scopely and its devs and have some kind of statement/compensation to appease its player base and renew what little confidence its player based community has with them otherwise people may just start believing the little yellow ball of gas in the sky is finally settled


Warren reporting in, back to back to back to back to back fighting the top faction.


I agree it can be pretty boring “watching” the top teams win all events over and over again


the 6* introduction was a soft reset within the game, this meant at the start of this almost all teams were even. there was 1st place ranking against 12th place ranking and with the Computer AI controlling the Defence teams it could swing either way.

Everyone had a chance to better their factions or move to better factions at the time.

i was never a general in the 5* meta of the game bbut when 6* came ive not been in 1 war where both my accounts have NOT been general. Its playing smart with what you got and also activity

ive seen plenty of times in the past and the new 6* meta, a weaker faction can beat top faction just by playing more games than them. its down to the team, if you got 20 players who dont want to play hard youre going to miss out on top places. thats how the game works, you either replace the stragglers or move to a better team


Are you sure we are playing same game?


Unless the number one farms dead factions. In that case good luck and that is how it is Chattahoochee. Pretty lame