WARNING! Beta update breaks your inbox!

I’m not locked out, but my inbox just isn’t working. When I open it my game crashes. What a joke.

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I get it to

I can get into the game now after the update

I have the same problem… :lying_face:

Green alpha is good
Green beta will break your game

Ok… what?

The next beta they came out with is game breaking

OK thanks for the info

Ugh you’re welcome

OK thanks

No problem

Nothing to see here

Move along

The 21.0.1 Build is on it’s way out with a fix for both the Content 2 Error and Inbox Error.


I keep getting the error message :angry::angry:

We are still working on a fix for this issue - Please bare with us :slight_smile:

My inbox keeps crashing each time I press it


Yep same here game keeps crashing

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