War without repair

I’d like to see wars with the option to repair disabled in rotation. Maybe as Blitz?

I hate that repair is part of a winning strategy. I really want to see how some of these factions place if it were just whoever is first at total annihilation.


Interesting and nice idea. I would die first lol but might be some fun to test.


it would suck the best hitters would just be dog piled


Normally, the faction who wins, repairs less than its opponent… Just saying.

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As a one off would be nice , or maybe a timer so say no rebuilds until after the half way mark of a war .

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Not always true; I’ve seen some Russian factions coin, coin and endlessly recoin.

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I like this idea a lot, damn I love this idea Scrap repairs :+1:

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I absolutely hate the 15 sec repair. We faced Russian and Japanese regions this weekend. And we would go thru kill everyone and then 1 person reps…then last hit and another repairs and so on. All while they are still pretty far behind and not gaining much ground. Basically making a 5 min Match stretch 30. I do understand this can be a strategy. Score is somewhat close and can maybe be won so they pop 1 at a time to limit points. But literally didn’t matter the score it happened almost every match in vs those regions. Was the longest most boring war ever. I dont mind occasional war change ups like no towers ect, but if war continues like this I’m about done I cant take another weekend like this last one.


No repairs = no coins = no money for scopely
How can you throw ideas like that :joy:


Might have been, yeah

Not necessarily. People repair just so the other fac doesn’t get the bonus points for destroying a group. If the other faction isn’t up for a coin war, you can win just by attrition.
It’s just extremely frustrating when you lose after destroying all camps, some twice over, just because you didn’t want to coin.


Well, that is a strategy too… Havent seen that since TOC. Guess it might depend on what level you play at. But in all honesty, if you destroy them all and some of them more than once and yall dont coin, you will have more points when they destroy the last camp and you guys win. Last hit is only worth 5240 points. And besides, I said normally… not always.

That’s a baseless rumor. Groups that continually repair their weakest teams are definitely increasing their chances of winning rather than giving us more easy points in war. Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain…!

What is a rumor? A war strategy that has been deployed since before transfers started? If a faction repairs their weakest camps, they will be destroyed right away. And NO, that would not increase their chances of winning.

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Sounds awful.
1 AFK player on each team with teams no one can kill. That sounds like a laugh…

Ridicoules just without repairs sry

Tbh I thought it would be a good idea, but nah like you say if it gets down to 1v1 gonna be a boring long war etc

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Think all aspects of how it would effect all customer team development levels would need to be looked into first and how it would affect making milestones, how it would effect generals etc

Prob should be tested first in a tester region or something with feedback taken.

But foresee that it may hurt developing members of factions or factions who are still developing so they just won’t play, and expecially those where it may take time to get x amount of players to war.

Shorter war time with faster fill rates. Seems like a simple fix.

And it wouldn’t be a permanent fixture just like bleed or burn towers. Don’t know why this seems like it’d be the end of the world for some people. Unless they are afraid of the war rankings.

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