War wheel update with 25.0 update

I thought the war wheel was going to be updated as well with this new update from what I can see the increase the odds of the 50 card to 20%

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It was 20% before.

But yeah, it needs fixing…

No way I’m pulling on that wheel

Wow really. May 22nd. These guys…

It says right there it would come sometime in June. They’re not late until July 1.


Oh! the post above looks at a superficial reaading like the fix was due a week from may 22nd. But that was the original target date for putting the dodgy wheel up in the first place

I thought to myself 20% i will never get that!
I never get 20% odds on anything else from Scopely.
Booooom :man_facepalming:t2:

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Oof. I told all my faction and region mates not to pull but they can’t seem to heed my words… such a horrible smack in the chops punishment box

Im never opening it.
Keeping it as a reminder that Scopely suck and the odds are never in my favour.


I chanced it as well because impatience. Got IV. Typical :joy:

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Sitting on my 1430 tokens no matter what

Well it took me 5 years to earn enough to pull so I wasn’t waiting another 5 years to wait to pull

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I pulled 3 times on the war wheel since it got static.

When it was set on 8 weeks expiration/countdown, I have sometimes been able to pull once, but usualy was pissed to exchange 720 war tokens for supply tokens…

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Ahh fun times. I went a whole 10 months with just 3 war pulls. I got more war pulls when they took it down for 3 months in 2017

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Algo es algo jajaja :c

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