War Wheel Update Discussion Thread

With all the bank they’re making, why would they waste time with commoners poison, they can ski 80’s Miami style or current L.A Hollywood

I cannot but agree.

En el futuro el humor será generado aleatoriamente

I wish it wouldn’t be diluted with 5/6*

Maybe have 2 wheels or get rid of them? Does anyone want those?

I feel like everyone got a choice of them from hellgate.

I kind of feel with war being the main event it should have prizes that actually motivate. No-one in my faction gives a crap about war prizes anymore.

This wheel should only have the 5* ascendable versions of s class toons. Simple. Cards too, sure. But at minimum it should not include toons that we’ve literally been able to buy in the leagues store depot. Dumb.


This. I have no motivation to war anymore. The rewards just aren’t worth the effort required.

Now to add insult to injury they expect people to war for several weekends (if you’re not a top faction) for a chance at 50 cards. They seem to have lost sight of the fact that good rewards encourage activity and, for non ftp, spending.


We are able to get 30 cards from a single box to play wars

Dont just focus on 50 cards being bad. that’s what they want.

Focus on the rest of the wheel… alot if it is bad.


87 guys replied, still shows that those 87 guys dont know the devs dont care.


Well if you really want to know what we think @TayTron



This needs to be way higher , there’s zero motivation if you fall into these brackets.

The only thing you get ,is to be dunked on and end up on some youtubers highlight reel lol

Anyone more want to see nick from arenas store no
war weel?

Post your war tokens here

Was at 430, opted for the heads from milestone boxes and tokens from the final reward, so at 730 now

Btw, any idea whether the gear tokens will be of any use in the future again?

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The first rule of Gear token club, is we dont discuss gear token club, the second rule of gear token club is - dont discuss gear token club.


I don’t have any of them gear tokens🤷🏼‍♂️ 5.5k of the war wheel ones

@TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger

Are you guys able to provide a reply on this? Looks like everyone here hates the proposed war wheel update and agree that changes need to be heard. Have you taken it to the team for discussion? Are you guys still talking on here?


Scoplay sucks as usual they always have to fk it up with some stupid n usless rewards