War Wheel thoughts

I’d say this war wheel is pretty good…You got
•Diego witch is arguably the best charecter in the game
•Mike witch is pretty good at any Walker stage.Making him SR God
•Harper witch is a disarm with a build in Stun weapon witch is bloody amazing.Bonus points to minus 65% atack/defence
•Pamela is ok.She will be something nice for F2P defences.Not the best but not the worst


I am scared of witches though


so Diego from comics in museum needs different to tier up???

Do u work for scopley ?
Except Harper all the rest are :poop:


they should have given us amber

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All see here are peopol complaing…

All of them are Amazing(exept Pam)If you thing diego is shit you need to rethink hoe good you are at building a team

Would you Prefer I’d they gave out a vincet or a Kal? Amber’s is awsome witch is a reason why they would not just give her away


All outdated imo, these toons will help low to mid level F2P🤷🏼‍♂️


Diego is used on attack at the absolute highest levels of the game against P2P Pete teams, so I’m not sure why people are calling him outdated or useless.


Diego is still of use and for awhile with the rite setups . The reason everyone is saying it’s Trash I believe is because the Meta is moving fast to S class and mid level to upper level Rosters are looking for S class related toons and collectibles. I see and understand both sides should of at least thrown in some S class choice boxes 1 of which would of been 1100 items the premier pull on the wheel


I actually beat an S14 s class team with a diego lead. He’s still good, not meta or game changer wow but very good. Same with Harper if used right


because pam is trash. since the wheel only has 4 toons, every single toon should contribute to the meta. which pam does not… Amber would pair nicely with diego or harper. combined they can take down sclasses fairly easily.

mike has its uses… but then again most of us have gator.

diego and harper are fantastic toons…

I never understand why scopely always includes trash toons in war wheel. hell, why not make war wheel a choice box?

Diego is not outdated. Sure, if you have six star Raulito, jiafeng and elana he’s on your bench, but I wouldn’t consider that a common team for 95 percent of players.


I’d say he is far from the best toon in the game like OP said. I’d give Dale a nod for best toon before Diego. Dont get me wrong though he is a must have for sure

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I told you before I was scared of witches

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Tbh a wheel with 1k or 2k each of the collection items would be more “meta relevant”
Green toons not so much. Although Diego and Harper can be of some use. It definitely isn’t blowing me away. 5/10.


I think these toons are all great but I would’ve loved to see S-Class collectable boxes in there as well for around 500 at least.


@GR.Scopely does this mean that war won’t include ANY s class collectibles anywhere? They need to be added to milestones if they are being replaced with war tokens.

Also, why aren’t Amber and Doc Stevens? Melee and in the meta… pretty sure I would use those two to describe that category.


@TheSteve where is kenny? We need kenny on that wheel

Not really shit but they won’t help anybody at current red meta.

Maybe another choice box system where you choose S class itens or the war wheel tokens.