War wheel suggestion

This is the second time that I did a pull and get a crappy character just to have them turn around and change the war wheel a day or two later. I understand that there could have possibly been some kind of update on the forum about the war will changing however not everyone searches the forum everyday, I suggest and would like to know if it’s possible for you guys to put a timer on the current war wheel therefore we will know how long until there is new recruits to pull from? @GR.Scopely


Hold the phone, are you actually suggesting that Scopely communicates with their player base and is transparent about when changes will be made?

You are asking for waaaaaaaay too much! :laughing:


S-class collectibles or nothing for the wheel😂

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IKR, a timer is asking a lot huh

IT’s already been addressed:

Yes this point and concern has already been raised and will need to be addressed by me and the team going forward.

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Anytime you guys chance something in game whether it be updating a wheel or changing how a toon works it needs to be communicated. In game and on forums. Just like when you changed how Charlie’s taunt works months ago, there never was a comment from Scopely addressing the fix. Players should know something is changing before it changes, that’s just proper communication.

I understand that things change and they are may not be a predetermined time for the wheel to end at the start, just a little heads up would be nice

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I don’t get it though… wouldn’t you pull on the last wheel because you wanted those characters? Why pull if you didn’t want them? What will a timer do to remedy this situation?


The war tokens do not expire, there was no need to pull if you felt it had crappy characters. A timer on the wheel would also make me feel like the tokens expire same time as wheel if I was not on forums to learn this info. Other games utilize their inboxes daily & repeatedly…i usually get 4-5 messages in my inbox telling me whats going on etc. they dont indirectly make me feel like its my responsibility to make an account somewhere else to get info that they should be supplying in the game that is accessible to all.

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So you want random s class items from a wheel. Good idea more keys for the Pete you have and or any other dupes you may have yeah everyone wants two laopos… anyways that is a bad idea. Useful toons on this wheel for sure I got raven and now those one turn aarav teams don’t work anymore.

Say hi to Mercer

Say hi to random luck. :man_shrugging:

@GR.Scopely S class collectibles please . This is a f#### useless wheel .
Or tell the team at least make 6* a little bit more stronger . A 20% of status (att,def,hp) wouldn’t make S class useless and wouldn’t make 6* extraordinary but it may make them somehow worthy

You got to be realistic bro

And how was I supposed to know that the war tokens weren’t going to expire like they did before?

There was a pinned post stating so. The wheel used to have a timer on it & that fell in line when war tokens would expire. Since they made the change they took the timer off the war wheel. So in theory(i say this cuz they change their minds like momma changes their diapers) you can hoard the war tokens & when a wheel pops up that is to your liking, you can go wild…

So basically war tokens do not expire anymore as what you are saying correct, sorry I’m a little slow

Correct they do not expire anymore.

Thnx for the heads up