War wheel only has 6 toons?!?

Vincent, jeremiah, Carl, yumiko, Bruce Allen, & Cole

Has anyone drawn outside of that?
So we need to wait 70 days of this?

Hastily prepared yesterday from the looks of it


Another great example of just how out of touch they are with things.

War traditionally gave the greatest rewards in the game as it is the pinnacle event.

But now it is trash. Yes, Cole, Bruce and Carl can probably improve teams for those who don’t have them. Jeremiah and Yumiko possibly still have a use. Vincent was too terrible to collect a year ago let alone be considered remotely in the same breath as the term “reward”.

And to only give six toons? This is a 10 week wheel, so you would assume 5 wars. That means all the top factions are assured of dupes. Where is the sense in that?


Bruce,cole and , jere are still useful. The others are trash they are just seeing how far they can push the envelop. Even though the rewards were trash and i saw people coining for no fukn reason and that is why nothing will change. Its everyone’s choice of course of wat you do and i respect that but They could give use shit and people will still play like it is gourmet chocolate.


When a 70 day wheel has 5 useless dupes and 1 useless vincent…


all weekend this was happening smh


Sooooo curious now if CoW prizes will be tokens…

That’ll will just make my month.

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Exactly, i said im not against it or bashing anyone that does it…its their choice but dam i can see if the rewards were worth something.

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The Player’s concerns about the wheel has been received and raised to the team.