War Wheel Dupes

So after I received the 1k war tokens I pulled and recived my 3rd cole… Can scopley please change the chance of getting dupes from the war wheel. Last wheel I got 3 rykers this wheel I got 3 coles and its just pissing me off. Please change this scopley


Want my 3 Vincent’s ?


It’s simple just make it a stash but not with other garbage like refills and trainers and etc just have say like 8 toons they want to put in a wheel and just throw them all in stash…that way you can only pull 1 of each toon…stash may not have a long enough timer to get all 8 toons but at least the 4 or 5 you get won’t be duplicates of each other


Then that stops them from having whales throw hundreds for more pulls after they finish the stash.

Lol I got 3 in a row from war tokens too… It sucks

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Who’s throwing hundreds at pulling from this wheel? I’d love to meet them

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There are likely many. You forget that there are plenty of people who spend for the bad deals they put out let alone this.

Besides, I didn’t mean just this wheel. I meant in general.

If they’re capable of spending hundreds on this current terrible wheel then I’ll venture to say that A: they have all those toons in that wheel already and/or B they have toons that are miles better than anything in said wheel but if we want to say people are going to be spending on toons that realistically will only help f2p and Scopely is worried about their money then just make it a bigger stash


I just got my 3rd bruce allen…3 pulls and 3 bruce allens…something is defo wrong with this rng lol

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Bruce is one of the best defense toons , so you better be happy

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I’m really loving my two Bruces but I agree with your point. They should introduce a system when you choice to get a second toon or not, but this would be too good to be real from Scopely.

I just wish they would code it so that when you pull a toon it gets removed from the wheel, my second Jeremiah agrees :-/

I went through about 20 regions and didnt get one Bruce. Mainly Cole and Carl

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Three coles dang continuous taunt 1 round 2 round 3 round…cooldown up on first cole repeat. Btw I got three of them Bruce Allen’s…

I hate that I can’t fit all my Cole on one team.

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With only 6 toons, that wheel would be empty in a month
I guess that’s actually pretty accurate anyhow

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Gimme cole! Got a lot of vincent, Carl…

I got a dupe kal and I wanted to sell his ass. He’s a lvl 80 t3. He’s lucky I didn’t waste him for 2k points

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