War wheel 15 characters

Hey does anyone know when toons in the war wheel change

As far as I know, nobody knows. Some speculate that it might change with the season.

Unless they put relevant toons in it will continue to be another throw away wheel.


Yes obviously if there aren’t good toons it won’t be worth it

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Really what 6* would be worth it? Doc raven maybe a payback or bide


Exactly they need to put those types of toons in the wheel like Zachary doc raven


So in spring?

Need to make a war tokens shop that we can trade in war tokens for different items. The wheel has to go. The item can contain S class collectibles, refills, armory items, platinum mods. Make them worth something valuable.


Those r the only 6* still relevant, no other 6* will be worth putting

Mike is amazing actually on survival road, and hordes

January, if so

And in war, the mode hes a prize for?

It’s not winter, yet

After winter?

All we know so far.

Payback anx bide are useless now bro.

What else you going to put up? Payback can still be annoying.

How’s that? Many will have at least 6* princess with normalize you would rush even 3 payback or attack bide with ease

She won’t make my attack or many others. 800 damage from a 6 just isnt what it used to be. And if she taunts me with no shield she is probably koed.

Dude people would just use her to normalize then rush with a double s-class Priya or whatever given to cleanse brah do u even play this game?