War weekends swapped?


i work every other weekend, for as long as I can remember (3 years?) wars have been on my weekend off apart from the odd blitz war. This has worked out well for me.

For some reason the last few wars have swapped weekends to the weekend I work. The same for the upcomming wars. I can’t imagine I am the only person that has worked their game play and real life commitments together. Looking after kids every other weekend, working etc

Just wondered if anyone knew if it would be changing back any time soon? I don’t expect the whole game to change because of little old me but it would be a shame to quit because the game doesn’t fit in well anymore, only for the weekends the change again. I’ve worked hard to get where I was and it’s a shame I can’t maintain it now war has changed weekends


I work every other weekend as well. And since the swap war happens to fall on the weekend I work. Feeling your pain lol.


Imagine working all types of weekends with no set rhyme or reason. Ive worked the last 2 and this one coming ill have 1 off and get another 3.

Id say you guys got it pretty good either way.

Could always be worse lol.

Im in a #1 faction also. Its not always easy!


I work every weekend and still put up points. Just learning how to manage and when to say I need replaced. Everyone has life’s and weekends are tough for a lot to be on.


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