War warm up time is way too long

Waiting three minutes before the war starts is absurd. It’s an enormous waste of time. If your faction does a hundred wars, that‘s five full hours of just sitting there waiting for it to start. I can’t see the purpose of such a long waiting period.

At the very least, cut it in half. We can easily get another five wars in and most likely more. At best, make it forty-five seconds. I can’t see needing more time than that to prepare.

Seriously, consider it.


Nah it’s not that bad and something else will get broken in the process

I prefer it to go to 10 minutes.

Why not make it a full hour and never get to the battles at all? Just wait, end it, que up and wait again. That’s some real fun right there.

It’s like being at an dmv

That warm up time is so that you can scout enemy team and plan your atk … you dont use that feature doesn’t mean others don’t so please try to think from different prospective :slightly_smiling_face:


Totally agree. Top faction use that commonly.

You’ll be scouting for no reason most of the time because so many people hide their true defense until about ten seconds remain on the clock.

It’s a huge waste of time.

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Well i haven’t ever encountered anyone hiding their def in my group so it is still usefull for me … can’t about your group for sure :slightly_smiling_face:

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No. That is all.

No? I see it as a common practice. I never show my war defense until it’s too late to do anything about it. The warm up period is a waste of time better spent warring.

It doesn’t matter, it’s not like they’re actually going to fix it. I’m just making the suggestion.

I used to, can’t be bothered nowadays :hugs:

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Warm up period is pretty important in night shift, it gives you a chance to send out the message on Line that you’ve matched


And also scouting counts towards the war battles milestones…
I agree it’s a drag sometimes, but useful for so many!


Really? Thanks for that info, thats excellent!


Agree, that the timer (which I see as 2:30, not full 3:00, btw) is in exactly the right amount of prep time:

  • slow queueing, players engaged elsewhere (raid/roadmaps/terriory [waiting for XP or crits to drop shield]/real life), this extra time helps you get into war on time to try running for towers or at least not get to a burning camp
  • checking out the opponent, alignment on strategy (scouting is a sub-chapter of this), like checking out the faction stats, war ranking and win-loss ratio can determine if these guys will coin their way to victory or can be killed out, so generals can adjust the strategy for towers, repairs and rolling over

The current time is fine. Scouting time comes in handy especially when we have battle missions to complete. It used to be nearly 7 minutes, which definitely was too long and it got cut down.


scouting also pays way better league trophies (45 x 3.4) than normal raids (20 x 3.4) which becomes useful at the top end of leagues… more useful than using free raid energy getting rep at least.

edit: didn’t like asterisks

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No, not really. It’s a perfect amount of time for us to scout the other team, you know. Sure, maybe drop it another minute but i doubt they’ll process that without having 8273727 problems with it so better keep the way as it is

I find it a bit short but I’ve been rinsing scouting for league trophies lol