War... war never ends

I have seen interesting thing…
My faction just did third war ( we are casual ones usualy landing around top50) and i checked ranking and i have found faction with 0 win 1 loose… but with 76.8k war points. How is it possible if average win give around 30k ???

Coin wars. If your opponent repairs you can easily lose with 100k points scored.

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Yes i know that but… hard to belive that faction with just 1 fight (comparing to casual one who did 3 already) was just fighting against those who constant did repairs… i was fighting realy alot of wars and i can say its theory possible but… its just realy extreme luck os something else

Better believe. This is TWD made by Scopely. If you will see unicorns in war map, dont worry about that :+1:

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Hahaha ok i get it now

Back in my day war usually went the whole hour.

It’s not that hard? You’re in a casual war so let’s say you either win or get destroyed in 15 min. So you get 3 wars in 45 min. Another faction, however, really wants to beat the faction they are facing, so they both get huge war numbers and the war lasts the full hour. The result is what you see.

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