War wait times - Rep, or Team Grades?


Lately there has been a lot of discussion in my region about the reason behind slower wait times for war queues. I would like a definitive answer on what causes slower/faster queues. Is it to do with a faction’s reputation points, the potential maximum team grades of each faction member, or perhaps something else?
Thank you

EDIT: It would be great if we got some official clarification from a developer :slight_smile:

Has anyone from scopely addressed the changes to war matching?

Less other factions searching = slower
More other factions searching = faster

I’m not sure if that’s the answer you’re looking for, but that’s the answer to your question. Do you mean to ask how are matchups decided?


Well, the algorithm is designed to match factions based on strength. If every faction in the top 10 BUT #1 is in a war, the queue time is gonna be longer.


This isn’t necessarily true. There can be 10 factions searching and we still get a 15-20 minute wait. I am in rank 1 faction. We only fight the rank 2 faction and then alternate with the rank 2 faction and another faction in the top 5 and that’s our whole war weekend. We may face up to 3-4 different facs but that is it.


It’s pretty dumb and Scopley doesn’t have a clear-cut answer.

I’m in a #3 ranked faction and a #5 ranked faction with equally powerful weapons and characters get paired up with bottom dwelling factions whereas we alternate between the #1 and #2 factions, religiously.

I wrote in to scopley asking them about some clarification but I got a big “we worked on matchmaking. keep on surviving”. Essentially.


Once a Team has entered the queue, the matchmaking system will look for Factions within a similar range of Team Strength. If no match is available, the range will expand until a match is found. The goal of this system is to offer each faction the most competitive match possible among the teams in the queue. To that end, we place an additional hard limit on the maximum difference in team strength between factions to prevent severe mismatches.

Over the past few Wars, Blitz Wars, and Cross Region Wars we have spent quite a bit of time digging into the matchmaking data and we have made some tweaks to make this a better experience. It can be tricky balancing speed of matches with quality of matches but I think we’re moving in the right direction. Anecdotally - in your region in the last CRW @yumi the average wait time for a match was 4.5 minutes and the last regular War had an average queue time across the board of around 10 minutes. Regions that have fewer viable factions for war will likely experience longer wait times which is why we’re excited about Cross Region War.

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Thank you for the clarification :slight_smile:


So is it roster strenghts or team grades or the highest team possible that can be made for each player in a faction? Dont get it, because it always takes us 20 to 30 minutes to match, even during crw. Even though in our region, the 2nd and 3rd ranked faction will matched much faster than us and their teams all have the same grades as ours.


The system takes the average of the best possible team for each member of the war party. @Tyr-sweden I’m seeing a 4.7 minute average wait time (median is 3) for Colbert in the last CRW. That data may be skewed by really quick matches outside of your faction of course. We’re looking at outliers like these in each region and are making further changes to our matchmaking variables. There are hundreds of regions and each one has a unique situation in terms of how many powerful factions there are as well as the discrepancy between top, mid, and lower tier factions so it will take some time to make this the best experience possible for all but we’re working on it.

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Is “best possible team” the autofill team?


My #3 ranked faction matches up with the #5 faction but they are clearly just as good… they even won 3rd place last war but we never paired up with them that much in war… is there more to this?


Being the top faction in my region the search times are horrible most of the time. Even in the CRW, we had bad searching times with being 5 and 6 matches behind lower ranked faction by just search times as our que are filled in seconds.

This was the same for the other factions aswell, Hart and Madison.

The system shouldnt affect top factions in a negative way by stopping them having as many wars as lower factions.

That just causes unfairness, where lower ranked factions places higher then a higher ranked faction by just getting more wars duo to the matchmaking system being how it is.

Im still angry about last CRW, and the wait times are way to long still.


Completely agree. This scenario is something we’re aware of and looking to fix as we want to make sure top factions (or anyone really) aren’t being punished.


Much appriciate the answers! Is there any tweaks made for this weeks war, or same setup as in the CRW?


Thanks for the clarification. Still think matchmaking should be first come first serve. It is frustrating watching other factions match twice while we are still searching. Really feels we are getting punished for being the best in our region.


We had this last Crw, we were punished due to your matchmaking, has that been changed since then as we can’t have another Crw like it our faction won’t survive as it doesn’t matter what we do we, or how good we were we lost to two weaker factions as they could match and we couldn’t, I don’t think we matched anyone from outside the top 3 from each of the other regions. Which made the whole weekend a excercise in patience and now fun at all


Thank you @TheWalkerDude for talking to this chat. This is the #1 problem as far as I’m concerned. The last several wars the ques have been horrible for the factions that have the best players and instant for those with just ‘good’ rosters as has been stated here already. I just hope that you are not just looking at the average time for all factions and really digging into the data at the outliers. The ones that are taking the longest AND the shortest and saying ok this needs to be adjusted.

I mean we were in a very similar situation to Venom in the screenshot shown from their war and finished 2nd as well in the blitz cross region war. They went 58-17 and we went 58-2. 15 of their 17 losses was to us…obviously not cool :slight_smile: I can tell you that we have a very dedicated #1 faction and the fill times were almost instant for the war party.

I have seen a lot of movement in the right direction and love having the dev tracker here and all the positive things moving forward but please oh please dont’ let this happen this weekend.


We also fell victim to scopely matchmaking in Pickens. Same as Gilmer did in cross region wars with us in previous CRW. Which was long before this one, yet it still isn’t fixed?


Sorry for bringing up an old thread, but I’ll comment here instead of making a new one.

This system is all good for highly active regions, it makes sense, BUT, not for closed, dead regions with only 4 active factions.

My region has only 2 other factions that we can match with based on team strength, with 2 other factions that miss out because they are overall lower. Having this issue now. We’ve held off searching, so has the number 2 faction, in hopes that the 3rd and the 4th (the one that’s locked) will match. Nothing.

They’ve been searching since the start of these current wars. We’ve also tried scouting with 1 toon teams in hopes of matching with them. They’re going to miss out on prizes, even though they are on the board and searching, just haven’t matched.

The difference between the #1 factions rep and the one that’s ‘locked out’ is about 1mil.

This system isn’t good for regions like Sumter, and it needs to be addressed ASAP.


A lot of players have quit so less factions. Then there’s the fact that 6* teams take a longer time to beat so instead of having 5 minute matches some are taking 20 minutes or more. The patch that scopely did on cans don’t help either. 10 cans in 2 days when I have over 200k is unacceptable, cant even get a nice stash for future wars.