War wait times - Rep, or Team Grades?


We experience the same thing on Echols.
Unfortunately through attrition the 3rd faction has an ever declining rank and thus no longer feature in the Match Making meaning they always miss on local wars even through they queued from the start of the event. This is ridiculous.

Match making is silly everyone should have an opportunity to play everyone else. I can understand you putting something in place to prevent a low rank only ever fighting a high rank… this should not stop them from being paired for every war. Perhaps what ever you match making algorithm is it only stands for the first 10 mins of a team being queued to see if there is a better match up once the time is up it should just match with anyone who is available so we can get on with the war.

Our Average wait time is probably closer to 4hr than 4 mins on Echols… how can we even think about getting the milestones?

For dead regions can I propose we do one of the following:

  1. Remove Matchmaking
  2. Make every war a CRW with other dead regions - prizes can be the same we just prefer to war than sit in queue.

Geji - Echols


This is not a top faction only problem. In my region there are 30 factions on the leader board. My faction is rated 27. We had a 10 hour search to find a match. Typical search times for my faction are over an hour. A 30 minute search is fast compared to the times we are waiting.


At least I know Sumter is not alone! Baker is worse than us though, only 2 factions with just over 30 actives overall. We versed them in the first CRW, and made us realise that Sumter isn’t so bad. Well, after the most recent CRW where we matched with 5 other dead regions, we came 6th in region rank, even though our faction placed 5th faction rank, we realised we are dead. Literally.


That is a sad system. Just let it tier naturally by matching against the active leaderboard. Means early there will be extreme matches but over the first hour or two it’ll level out as top factions pull ahead of the pack.

For instance if we have a top 3 that is really strong. Then 4-6 drop dramatically, why should we be punished. I get what u are tryi ng to achieve but it is naturally achieved using active rankings. Further you climb, harder the battles.


Can we know exactly whats counted in Team Strength? Your roster or defense team u had at the moment search started?


The guys from IUGO who are on here said that although it initially looks for similar team strength (which I believe they said would be the same which is supposed to determine generals - highest combined sum of HP, Def and Attack of any team you have saved) it should expand out progressively if not match is found. So from what @ScreamQueen is saying, it sounds like there is a limit to that expansion which meant that certain factions found it impossible to match.


This would explain why TWD, the number one faction in Dade, got less wars then Saviours and Safehaven. Too much difference in strength. @Tully You should read this thread.


Thanks @tomsquirrel, we sadly know we just have to suffer with what we have it seems.


Look at it this way… If the other factions get stronger fast, you guys are going to match faster? little consolation, but every bit of hope is good, no?


To be honest, we don’t mind throwing a few wars if it means we GET to war. Its been so long missing out that its still fun. Just a bit frustrating that our wait times are three times as long as every other faction in the region!


Seeing as to how fast I m moving up, things will improve fast. With some luck I could ascend my first legendary in a month or so. So, hang in there and things will improve soon (I hope :smile: ).


I dont recall ever saying a word about a poor matchmaking system prior to this new code. I know some teams got way outmatched but it happened say once in a blue moon??? Those factions that have considerably less strength aren’t as active as your top factions are and there are considerably more of them. There might be 30 lower factions and 5 top factions.
No wonder you see skewed average times - 30 low factions can all match with each other over and over but the top faction waits an hour for the #2 or #3 ranked faction to finish one of their 30 possible matches because there’s only 1 possible match for us?
Here’s a good question… do you think our overall team strength is made up of road map toons, free toons from tokens, rewards for top 100 results or from actually putting money into this game?
Maybe you guys should fill yourselves up with what you think a typical roster would be for a prestige 12-13 player, hop into a top faction and see how it really works. I’m willing to bet half the cost of my roster that it would be a BIG eye opener and rather than trying to convince us that this code is an improvement, you would be willing to admit it has flaws and address them.


We regularly had 20 minute if not higher wait times in Harris.


Hello, im looking for some clarification. In the thread above you say it’s the average team strength of the people in the queue. But then customer service sends this. I’m a tad confused.


Good one lizzeh… i hope to see some clairfication on that also


@TheWalkerDude you should check this out


@kalishane can you provide more clarification on this?


This is still happening except it feels extremely worse during blitz war been in que for upwards of 30 minutes twice now


up to half hour wait times in Dade. winning faction has twice the wars already. we are struggling to stay top ten. we go undefeated and finish pur matches in minutes but we csnt do anything when we have sit there. something still needs fixing here.

who you match with should be based off leaderboard portions as well. it’s fine if it starts off based off team strength but it sucks when the winning faction us running away with it and we have no hope of ever even seeing them or the factions they fight


why you have to make all those troubles to create a barrier that pissing everyone off. each freaking war of searching has increaed our rage and resentment towards scopely a lot more. Just remove all those limitations and let us match freely, save yourself some troubles and let us enjoy the war for once. or just remove this stupid war for good, it only makes us hate you more!