War towers makes wars boring with def bonuses

Hello everyone! I have seen alot of different towers throughout the game and recently I have not enjoyed war as much becuase of towers. Don’t get me wrong here we do capture towers often but there is no way you can capture them all on the same time sometimes. Becuase of this it is difficult to defeat some team becuase of the tower buffs.

If we take this wars example you can see :strong: and :tough: have a buff when defending. This means the leaders: Dante, Eugene, Eric, lydia, Erika etc… will be good leaders for the war.
However the problem with this is that only :alert: have a attacking buff this time. If we are not able to get WT as well as the Armory. This means that some teams will be extremly difficult to kill some of those :strong: toons, which in the long turn makes it take forever with all these shield, heal and revive teams to kill of. That makes the game boring and war not as interesting.

I hope scopely can come up with wars that will only grant ATK buffs as I personaly find it more enjoyable in the long term.


An over looked aspect of these defensive towers is that wars take a lot longer to finish. This will lead to significantly lower wait times to get paired especially with it being AOW. These decisions are never thought out.

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You people will complain about anything yeesh


Well when it was attack towers people complained it was too easy so…

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I like def towers makes it more interesting Imo

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guess its time to dust off eugene

Attack-buffing towers only, you say?


Give Eric to everyone. Boost these Erics defense’s stats. Then sell a Red/Yellow lead on the next promo.

I think it was becuase of the buff granting way to much ATK if I remember correctly.

Well we all have different opinions right :slight_smile:

Lol you love to spend 3 minutes on every person you attack uh ? 24 minutes per war minimum if you don’t fail attacks of course . Hopefully you have a super free weekend because it’s gonna take the entire think to get that 200 k for most people


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