War towers bug - can't attack tower yet

I run into this a good number of times during war. Really grinds my gears when it happens in a big match up.

When war starts and I am really quick on selecting the towers (war start prompt) then click attack tower button, I get this stupid message about having to wait til war starts. The really stupid thing is the only time you can press attack tower is after the war started! Can scopely please fix this. I need to slow down just to a void this stupid window but not so much that I risk losing this tower.

Also, the water tower zoom in is too close. The stupid war has stasrt pop up on the bottom ofbthe screen covers nearly the entire tower attack button.

Samsung Galaxy S8


Yeah this has been brought up before. When it happens i force close the app and that seems to fix it (in the workaround sense), otherwise it will happen to me every single time.

I had an eror after applying a D into the tower after someone else from faction took it. As soon as my D was applied my game restarted and the loading map screen took forever to load.

Had a few crashes like that. Some times my team was in other times not

That would suggest game got out of sync which makes sense and likely a necessary a bit to prevent exploit. Hopefully they will take a moment and comment to verify this is indeed the case and not some offset they built on that is too aggressive.

My issue is why not just make me reclick with red text above button with warning. The prompt is a time killer

S8 user also, it grinds my gears


Lmao oops 7 characters needed

We’ve been unable to repro the issue here. Likely a server load issue or data connection issue. You on a good wifi connection when this happens?

Yes home network. Generally very good connection with low load time. It’s literally if I go nearly as fast as possible. Make the input slightly slower and no issues. Been reported by numerous faction mates as well.

Can you remove that prompt and just add red text saying war has not started. Would artless be one less click when I’m too fast for war.

This happened to me all weekend as well and I personally have fantastic WiFi. I had also mentioned in another post that there was issues when trying to attack directly after a shield dropped. There was almost a 3-4 second delay in where I couldn’t attack. I would get a message stating opponent was shielded.

I had just the same problems this war and the last regional war … the support just explained me the scouting time​:joy::gun: oh seriously!? I didn’t know about it after 2 years playing…


Thanks for the info. Will get a bug logged, even though we’ve not reproduced it here.

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This has happened to me as well. I’m on wi-fi, iPhone, latest version. The pic Venga show is exactly what happens and is insanely frustrating. I’m pretty quick on towers so not a fan of losing because of this lol.

happens here too and not for the first time. android, home connection

Yeah i get it while on a solid wifi connection as well. If it makes any difference i play the game on a tablet that i don’t use for much else so the app is often open for extended periods of time, makes sense that the in-game and server side clocks could become slightly out of sync over time like Wanderer suggested.

That’s the bloody message. Never screen shotted it cause I’m trying to gran a tower! Button isn’t available til war starts so confuses as to its existence

@CombatMan I can also report this bug on behalf of my hubby. We were both at home, sitting barely 2 meters away from our router and he gets the message while I didn’t. He’s on an Android.

Still the same problem :confused:

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I’ve been reporting this in in-game support for about half a year now… Like I told them I took the time to memorize where both pop up buttons are to give myself the best chance to get a tower but about half of the time I get this error if I go as fast as I can. I’m sure this is likely in there to prevent GameGuardian style hacks, but it’s annoying as hell when you penalize legit players like myself. Switching to the red text like Wanderer suggested instead of ANOTHER pop up we have to waste time closing would atleast be a huge improvement as it wouldn’t slow us down as bad.