War Tokens vs WD tokens

Has there been any official word on why they’ve essentially abandoned the war tokens and stuck us with WD tokens? Disclaimer: I know the war wheel is less than desirable but I would rather have a too (however poor it is) than 100 shells. Lol


I think you answered your own question, they’d rather give you 100 sea shells than a toon lol

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In hindsight this post might have backfired. Lol

Are you talking about the ToC regions or upcoming CRW?

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CRW based on the last rewards I saw and the war or two before they issued WD tokens instead of War tokens. They started a wheel and basically ditched it.

The last CRW had war tokens. The ToC have had WD tokens.

What Opie said. The CRW this weekend should have war tokens.

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The war last weekend had WD tokens, not war tokens though.

I hope so, because there are reward leaks online showing WD tokens again.

That was a ToC war.

Yeah, that’s what I literally just pulled. :joy::joy: FML

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