War tokens still not scaled + other issues

This was brought up again a few days ago but got no reply. The War tokens have still not been scaled properly since the move to 16 regions.
300 tokens for 41-50 as an example is a complete joke. That means that a 3rd placed faction in their own region could war for 3 weekends and after a month and a half still be short 100 tokens for a pull. This has been done intentionally, otherwise it would have been set at 350 tokens.
There used to be a time when all the way up to 5th placed factions in a region received a toon for a single war.
You have diluted the prizes again and again, and I am pretty confident that when it gets to the end of the wheel, because you have changed from 100 to 1000 tokens for a pull, you will try to make money by selling 5 to 10 tokens as before despite them being 1/10th of the value that they used to be. I’m calling that now.
#PlayersUnited made many demands for you to improve this game, but one of the most important was to help close the gap somewhat between F2P and P2P. What you have instead done is the following:
-Made war tokens worse for all but the top factions
-Put non meta relevant characters in the wheel (this may have happened before #PU, not sure)
-Ran the beachball/seashell/sombrero event which made it even less likely to result in players being able to grind for a toon
-Conducted an absolute fiasco with hordes during the pathways event which was combined with abysmal communication with the player base which resulted in many missing out on a toon that they had grinded an entire month for (I originally praised you for pathways)
-Released a legacy character that is objectively worse than a toon that is almost 2 years old and was the easiest toon to gain in said pathways event
-Released more and more OP promos on an escalating power creep (surge would be a better descriptor than creep tbh) whilst any F2P released toons are dropping in quality compared to previous F2P toons
-Released a roadmap event that is impossible for F2P to compete in (not that it really matters since Hina is pretty poor)

Your promises are dirt.


Particularly this one as I have highlighted by posting on multiple threads that you have declined to comment on despite requests for clarification on some issues.

You are fine to find the time to talk about turtles during that time though.


Most I know people aren’t warring.
Not very much fun vs these bide characters lol.


I don’t give them a pass on things that are being released after their promises. The whole, well they may have made this toon before the #PU isn’t a good excuse anymore. They should have known how important the first legacy toon was gonna be to us and they failed. If they had him made this way before #PU then they should have scrapped him and tried again.


Yeah, war scores seem to be down across the board outside of the very top few.

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Absolutely, they haven’t shown any sign of honouring their promises aside from the 1250coins, but they even managed to mess up with that.
In most games that would be a regular thing, not a once every 2 years because they were pushed into a corner by the players type of occurance.


Just watch the league scores. I’ve barely done anything this weekend and still in 2nd in my league

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Pretty much.

while true, it’s only the newest slap.

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