War tokens sclass choicebox IV

Really faken scopely? 1000 war tokens exchange after 4+ war tourneys for 50 cards? 50 cards??? Damn crooks


Could have been worse. Could have got Slater. Or Sheldon. :joy:


They claim to be removing that choicebox but apparently its a very long arduous task. Wonder what would happen if it had 10k cards instead of 50. Would probably be removed quick smart hmmmmm? @TayTron @WalkerTexasRanger


Working as intended they would say.

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I bet the scopely executive boardroom has a graph that displays a counter for every time someone gets 100% f’ed on a pull.

They sit in there drinking coconut water and laugh at us.

People are still pulling on that wheel? :joy: Nah. I will hold on to these crates forever until they either update the wheel or put out a character I can’t live without and trade for heads.


Exactly this😔

Yeah, was pretty stupid. Pulled 3 of the 6* Amber in a row! This duplicate system didn’t change either.

That’s nothing to laugh about… At least for me, because I got him…

I think iamthewalrus is referring to a you-tube video by Invisinerd here, basically he did a 2 pull on the war wheel and got Slater, who was a free give away, and the other pull was Sheldon which he got months ago ( Sheldon may also have been apart of hell token gate?)

Anyway Invisinerd then has an on air Meltdown, and rage quits …

(Not the Sheldon is bad by any means, it was really not what Invisinerd was hoping for)

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Oh damn haha. Must of missed that vid. Was wondering why I havn’t seen invisinerd on my feed in a while

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