War tokens question

Iv got 700 war tokens on the wheel, I read that all war tokens now don’t expire and carry over is that true ?

That is what is told

But of course truth is subjective

Yes, this was part of former post:

Permanent War Wheel

  • War Tokens on this new wheel will no longer expire
  • The War wheel will contain 4 characters, which will be refreshed periodically (this updated War Wheel > will launch for the Nov 1 War)
  • Our goal with these characters is to ensure they are strong and meta relevant in order to help players of all levels improve their rosters.
  • You may see some of all of these characters as rewards in other areas of the game over time.


Hi @GR.Scopely can you query the team to when the war wheel will update again and how often we should expect it to refresh with different toons?

Yes they never expire, subject to change🤗

@Opie - No problem :slight_smile:

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Yeah they don’t expire. Until they do

Just like Day of the Dead Tokens were described ingame and confirmed by support as converting to coins. Until Scopely rewrote history and declared they were supposed to convert into Supply Markers

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@Opie - The War Wheel should be updated every 2-3 months.