War tokens for sale?

Yo Scopely, are you going to sell the rest of the tokens that some of us need for a pull? I heard that they ran like a single, two hour special for tokens. There are a few days left still. I’d love to have the opportunity to give you more of my hard earned money, but you’re making it impossible. o.O


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They’re gonna have another war just saying.

It would be nice for them to drop a few offers for those that ended up being close to a pull. There will be a group that will end up close to a pull in each war probably willing to spend a little to get 2 pulls as opposed to only getting enough for 1.5 pulls without spending. Thankfully the wheel is open for one more war so a lot more people should get at least 1 pull between the two wars than with the past set up.

Well that makes a lot more sense, lol. I didn’t realize that there was a war scheduled before they expired. I should’ve looked at the calender.

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Doesn’t say it on the calendar (unless I’m looking at a different one) but JB said there would be another one (or at least that’s what I got from his statement).

I checked too. Hopefully they throw us a bone with a blitz in between CRWs. Colbert has some nice looking new facs that it’ll be fun to match with.

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Oh yeah, I want to pay for barker or eugene <3


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