War Tokens Carry Over To Next War?

Just for clarity.
If we don’t use war tokens for this stash will we lose the tokens when the stash ends ?

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I was wondering the same thing

Im gonna save mine, I only have 24 right now. I personally am not gonna miss out on much if they go away, but on the off chance they carry over I can complete a war stash if I grab another 24 next war.

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No they don’t according to JB scopely. That’s a bad idea imo.

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They need do offer for 4 for few bucks

This was floating around in some of the Line chats

Would be nice if @JB.Scopely can confirm it here.


That says the stash will expire, not the tokens.


Yes. It’s a bit ambiguous. I don’t even think the developers know if they will continue with a war stash style theme.

what you can do is use all for first stash and save one token. if they do go its not a big lost.

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Might be worth taking the risk for those who cant open the first stash tbh. Not much in there that will help anyone.

But would be awful to have warred all weekend for some watches and radios. Smh

Yeah, that’s why I asked him to confirm it here. We have been caught in bad wording before and told we understood wrong so you never know.

What doesn’t make sense if the whole thing ends and doesn’t roll over, why have 4 stashes? The most tokens you could get from war was 53 and you need 100 for all stashes. I don’t think they even sold enough tokens to complete it anyways.

VK is more trustworthy. JB lies to us =/

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They have sold a lot already actually… there was a 29.99 war can deal (Times 4) that included 3 so that’s 12… two war can deals for 2.99 which had one (14 total)… Sunday deal for 19.99 which included 10 (24) and a 5.99 deal for 3 today (so at 27 total). So really there have already been. 80 total already if you bought them all. And we know to open up all four you basically need to buy them all.

Hmmm good to know. I didn’t notice that many offers

No thank god they are complete garbage @JB.Scopely

No way.
They want to get lower factions to start paying and finishing of the stashes.
There not going to have them carry over…where’s the money in that?

True unfortunately

Who would be dumb enough to actually buy these tokens for a dupe ?

I got dupe.

Classic… a blitz war after stash expires :joy::roll_eyes::joy:. Ultimate troll scopely.