War token wheel updated

just saw that nice .


Not looked but I bet it’s not😂


Yes it is. Ebeneezer

Love this guy!
My sentiments exactly :joy:

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Meh no S-class won’t help anyone that can actually get a pull


Tbh its not bad. Some still benefit !!

I’m gonna keep saving

I’d like Alice… I’ve been saving too but ummm I might pull now… You watch me get shit !!


then you be saving forever… dale and revan is still useful…

ai team not gaining ap is still useful.


Yellow Alpha? :joy:

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Cheers for jinxing me ffs :joy::joy::joy:

time to get the best from new wheel now lol

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Yeah, you do that- I’m sure they’ll add s class to the war wheel um, never.

I would love to see the war wheel turn into a war stash, to cut out duplicates from it and relieve the disappointment of them.

Hard enough getting one pull much less two and then end up getting same toon is kick in the doo-dads.

Like my legion of Kal’s.

I guess there could be Part 1 with toons, Part 2 with collection items, for the factions that are able to always get enough pulls that would complete it.

Like choice boxes of 500 or 1000 items in Part 2.

Either way I see Alice, Dale, and Raven in this wheel which is nice.

Yellow Alpha has been in way to many wheels for me to get excited about. Just the new Kal.


F_ck off Scopely.

Why wouldn’t you announce this? Pulled yesterday for a Harper or Diego and got Pamela.

Would have taken any one of the new four (ok, Alpha sucks), but no tokens.

Seriously, f_ck you and your f_cking sh*tty communication practices.


I agree with @Kanaima here, diabolical communication once again and if I knew the wheel would change today; would’ve saved my pull for this instead.

Another thing for you to take to the team @GR.Scopely


“diabolical communication” :joy: :joy: :joy:

But yeah, I am tired of hoping that something will change about the lack of communication.

Even a countdown timer would’ve helped players know when the wheel would change. Is a timer really so hard to add? :angry: :angry:

It would have also meant that players wouldn’t be asking you @GR.Scopely so often about if/when the war wheel would change. Why do you guys make it so hard for yourselves?!

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Nice, today i was thinking about raven in war wheel and she is in there :grin:

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It really is. Got two Pamelas off the last wheel. I wasn’t happy.

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My war token wheel isn’t updated.