War times are still shitty

So this weekend war runs 6pm Saturday to 6am Monday for us in the UK. Which basically means, if you aren’t spending Saturday evening glued to your phone, you have Sunday to hit the 100k milestones. No one likes these war times.

What the hell is the rationale behind the new timing?


Less people will hit milestones, some of them are going to spend to compete with others on lvl ups and whatever else tournaments for gear and stuff ?

People surely spend more during war? What kind of chump is spending on level ups?

I don’t know why they are shortening everyone’s favourite game mode in favour of more level ups…


rewards are the same anyway, tokens tokens tokens

Yeah completely agree. Go back to how it was before late Friday through early Monday. That was much fairer for all

If this really is about making people spend to hit milestones, they have a ton of options that aren’t to cut the time of the event we all actually play the game for. They could add an extra milestone, or even more, cycle milestones (so once you hit 100k they reset and you can earn them again), increase requirements for current milestones, cut the drop rate of cans (not ideal but I’d prefer that than have less time to play the only reason we all actually play this game) or if they must insist on making it only two days, make it start on a Friday so the rest of the world isn’t waking up to go to work when war is still rolling. This makes absolutely no sense to me and is just another perfect demonstration Scopely are totally disengaged with their player base.


I agree.

I think on top of all this war frustration, they’re packing too much in during the week (I can’t give the game that much attention on work nights, plus being in UK/EU we’ve missed entire events or large parts of them due to timings), so if they think they’ll get me buying whatever during shortened wars when they’re essentially saying “we don’t value you” at every corner, then they need a serious wake up call.

Weekends playing this game are very boring at the moment, war is quite engaging but I’m not up for a solid few hrs of levelling up every Saturday!


Nha for the first time it’s perfect for me

I agree, war is the best faction event and they cut down the play time.
Being from the uk the new war time sucks starting on a Friday at midnight was bad enough as always missed a big chunk but that was better than now


Any time they choose would be inconvenient for another timezone.

Best event with terrible rewards and now shaving a day off of it unannounced with no explanation, I genuinely don’t understand their reasoning behind it.


Which is why the longer wars were fairer to all, I was usually asleep when it started on ‘Fridays’ but I didn’t mind because I still had plenty of chance to play. I think this new start time is even worse for other parts of the world

Not true. America is one of the latest time zones in the world. Therefore when it’s Saturday in America it’s Sunday in Australia/Asia. At least keeping it starting on a Friday, even if they still cut one day out, the rest of us can war on our weekend, rather than missing out because we have to go to work.


Simple… more LUTs for us. Everyone loves these constant LUTs

We need more events that aren’t museum collections or collecting tokens for a wheel, the most unimaginative game I’ve seen in these past 7-8 months


Not to fair to ask Americans to war for three days… I prefer the two but understand why it sucks for the rest of the world. Hard to find a balance.

Really? 3 days of war. Every country then has Saturday / Sunday with the inclusion of Friday or Monday (or part of both).

You understand you don’t HAVE to war for the full weekend? We don’t get to as it is. And once again… if it MUST be two days, start it on a Friday, so it ends saturday in America and Sunday for the rest of us. Why not end war when no one is at work, rather than 3/4 of the world?

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End it earlier instead then? You weren’t too pleased when you had our 5/6pm start time last war, but said you’re main issue was it continued into the hours when you were sleeping and we were working - that made sense, so no reason they can’t end it sooner if they started Friday

And good luck playing at all when the rest of the world gradually quit