War time change is bad

New crw is Saturday night to Monday morning? That’s a terrible time slot for the majority of the people who play the game.


They shoulda canceled it, another start time equals super bugs that destroy crw

Agreed, pretty ridiculous time change… means most people will have less time to get milestones.

Which using Scopely logic, means that it makes perfect sense!

I imagine it’s to allow enough time for people to transfer because there were complaints that half of the transfer time was during war. So Scopley’s terrible organisation skills were always going to lead to complaints either way.

war this weekend should be cancelled.

Opem transfers from this friday to next friday, then have war. Its not rocket science after all


Nope. They’re unnecessarily over complicating the whole process. It’s ridiculous.

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Wow didn’t even notice. It’s like they are just trying to be awful instead of only accidentally being horrible.


So that’s pretty much Sunday late afternoon until Tuesday for us over on the other side of the world. That needs a slow clap.

Most people work on a Monday. Not all. But most.

:joy: This comment sums them up in a nutshell

Would seem to me they are squeezing it due to the complaints about canceling. Should’ve just been other events

I hope this means theyre making changes (allowing wave 3 regions to move to waves 2 or 1)

Doubt it. they just cocked up again by having the transfer period over lap with war, so shoved the start of war back

This is literally about the worst schedule they could have come up with. Absolutely bonkers.

Leave war, open transfers permanently…

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