War this weekend?


I see the calendar was updated but not for this weekend… Can we expect war? It’s only four days away, we should know what event is coming up! Thanks.


bump @kalishane, @Shawn.Scopely plz.


yea it would be nice to know if there will be war this weekend and if it is CRW or not.


Bump @kalishane any word on war?


Bump. This is typical. No repsonse for days in such matter. No calendar update. Sigh. VK, help?


war is this weekend - relax


Not another LU ?


The real question is … is it solo or faction level up? :rofl:


Prepare lvl ups? :joy: They even did the same one twice not so long ago…im sure someone just presses a button. No they are too busy making new 6*s for Premier Recruits which they lied about in the first place.


Perhaps a solo level up with rewards and milestones EXACTLY same as the current running one? That’ll be fantastic.


I am sure Scopely gets a ton of private messages from people asking for those Level ups. Or There is yet another forum, were players are listened. But back to the topic. War. Yeah. No thanksgiving this weekend, but maybe There is some holiday in other country and that is why there will be a change in standard war rotation? Anyone?


CRW… Top 3 get a 6star toon… 200k war points gets you the 5star equivalent… This would make people war more since even lower factions will have the possibility of getting a toon which they can ascend.


Go and check last CRW rewards and come down to earth ;). I am betting - if war comes this weekend - that prestige tokens will be one of rewards or milestones :wink:


I know… But it would be a good idea to make 200k milestone. Many will complain that its too high, but it isn’t. If you average 5k per war you need 40 wars.


The 100k milestone is way too low imo can hit that in first night then there’s nothing to work for they have level up and raids high milestones for good prizes so why not war


remember the time when there was no indi level up for a period of probably 3 months?


I agree with milestones offering a competitive prize for those that keep war rolling. The effort should be rewarded in a way that allows them to continue to be competitive.

I do not agree with 6s given for top prize. Ascendable 5s yes, but 6s no. It takes away the entire decision making process and prioritization of resources and just floods a few with toons ready to go. This was always the issue with war prizes being 5s toons in new regions. A few early wins creates alot of staying power and the opportunities to ‘catch up’ for the hardest grinders never existed.


Now I’m mad this isn’t a thing

That would be insane

What a great idea !!!



But seriously is war this weekend?