War this weekend or Not?


Did you just add changing?(Photoshop) or is this real I can’t find the official calendar post ??? Was hoping for another war weekend :frowning:

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Hopefully they release Faction Assault instead.

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Faction assault isnt an event,its a permanent feature like survival road, if thats what they plan for the weekend EVERYONE will be disappointing as you wouldnt be able to unlock it in time for people to play it over the weekend, my guess is its gonna be a faction level up/raid so the servers arent overloaded with a major new feature being added and peak capacity of war


I don’t think they know, that calendar is constantly edited. And faction assault had better not disappoint, more than a few people in my region are judging whether to depot their roster on its merits.


We removed it because we felt we were putting too many wars so close together. Why we didn’t think that before – not sure. But! Aiming for a solo event to help players relax and ramp up for the next War.


We’re making changes to level up events so they will benefit the player and they won’t feel the need to wait all the time. Not sure when this is slated but it should help with that – even though it will be more often.


Maybe you could start putting polls out and see if the player populations feel the same way… Would be a great way to connect with the player base and show that Scopely does, in fact, care about the players.


another solo raid :sleepy:


All im gonna say i a Faction event should replace a faction event, we have had way to many “relax and ramp up events recently” at this rate Faction survival road is dead i think we have only ever had 3/4 , faction raid seems monthly and solo level up is literally every other event .
Please make this weekend a faction event and if possible make it faction SR


For the love of God, NO MORE SOLO LEVEL UPS!!! Please.


Expect seeing dwights parts in a 500k milestones after what you’ve just typed, sir. They WANT you to be low on resources so you’d start considering purchasing them. Simple as that :slight_smile:


why not make it a faction SR or Raid, bet it is gonna be a solo level up with sky high milestones.


this. We havent had a faction SR in forever


That will be their fatal flaw. I, like I imagine many, have stopped spending COMPLETELY. Nothing will persuade me to start again, until the promised “Player First Attitude” is born from whatever ashes the current state of the game ultimately smolders into.




No more level-ups, pretty please. Do faction raid tourney or faction SR.

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I don’t know who does the planning for your events but to be quite honest it’s done extremely poor at best. The problem is you guys like to throw two weeks worth the level UPS in a row and then do 0 faction raids or single raid events and then you slam us with blitz Wars and Wars. Why don’t you intelligently set up a calendar by the week, so you can actually plan things out instead of constantly nerfing and changing calendars. Nobody wants to have to continue to keep spending money in order to even get a prize worth anything in your consistent and unnecessary level up events. Also we are sick of investing our time and energy for mere tokens. 90% of the pulls that I get are not anything that’s worth anything more than using as Ascension fodder. Here’s a small example period Week 1 level up faction event level up solo event not until the next week period week one also could contain a blitz war in the middle or survival Road and solo faction at the end of the week. Week 2 solo level up can start out the week survival Road faction tournament in the middle of the week and then faction Raid event towards the end of the week. You can put the war on each weekend because we actually appreciate being able to war. You can rinse and repeat those two weeks and gradually mix in events as you choose but we are sick of having to level up events every week. That’s the honesty of the matter


To be honest, I was looking forward to some more war, it beats doing 2-3 solo events a week. Sometimes I forget there’s even fac events until war comes.