War this weekend or Not?


Current event calendar.

It said SR / solo / war before.

So War is Canceled?

lol they chickened out of giving crap rewards back to back?


Lol :sweat_smile:

@kalishane said after the release of the 9.0 update they would be giving ascendable toons as a war reward. So probably chickening out of giving good rewards.


It goes back to the old saying, “Under promise, over deliver.” Scopely could learn a lot from that.


I kinda Hope they bring in faction raid with plastic part drops. (And milestones, but not rewards)


If they keep those world energy can parts dropping, I just might get that pull. We will have to see.


When I just saw that it was on there back to back, I was thinking that they were fixing that War would be on the holidays but I guess not.


@kalishane any updates?


It says right on the bottom that the calander is subject to change. At least they’re trying to give some notice to upcoming events. It’s only changed a handful of times. And she’s giving us the heads up that it’s changing this time.


Absolutely, At least we’re finding this out from Scopely this time, rather than VK.


totally agree with you on this and i am glad we have a calendar like that here. But removing war without notice or info raises suspicion considering current reward structure and i am skeptical about they are afraid of backlash from players if they do another war with crappy rewards.

Now they are either replacing it with another tournament which will be a faction one or release 9.0 and use Faction assault as fodder.


Vk 999 - 1 Kali


Could also mean they are to close to finishing the tests for Faction Assault and are planning to run that this weekend? Maybe a bit optimistic thinking from my end, but I’m really looking forward to trying that out :slight_smile:


Exactly, thank you for positive feedback. Also it is probably another bug, but better to stay positive.


Let me be clear.

I’m not bashing @kalishane about the change. I’m welcoming the info on calendar.

But with that said, reading Kalishane’s other posts around the forum, she is hinting at Faction Assault coming later tonight. Which means that according to that the 9.0 update is coming… Which means that with the update we were promised ascending war toons for war.

That’s all. So war is being taken away… replaced with whatever scopley feels will keep us distracted enough not to notice and possibly forget their promise of ascending toons as rewards for War? Anything is possible.


Dang it. I hope they will change it back, but probably not. Wanted to test out some new setups for next CRW, but hey. Probably no CRW in 2 weeks anyway :stuck_out_tongue:


Did you just add changing?(Photoshop) or is this real I can’t find the official calendar post ??? Was hoping for another war weekend :frowning:




Hopefully they release Faction Assault instead.