War this weekend 6 vs 6 or 8 vs 8


Simple question, is this weekends war gonna be 6vs 6 or 8vs8 .?


Region War so bet its 6v6 since last 4 now been 6v6 only crw has been 8v8


30 v 30 all tat way


Hoping for 0 vs 0 personally…


My region has died so hard in the past week because of all the 6v6 wars that now we need a 6v6. SMH


Not only have recent AOW been 6v6 but they have had world energy cans go missing, so probably more of that.


We probably need a 4 v 4 tbh


i prefer 6vs6


What about a three way? Three factions on the same map. Each trying to beat the other 2. It would be nice to see 2 of the top 5 factions end up beating the #1 faction a few times. Maybe boost moral a bit.


Heh. Phrasing?


Three way = a match where there are three opponents
Boost Moral = when the lesser teams go up against the really high level teams and are able to combine forces and beat the high level teams it will make them really happy and make them want to continue playing the game more as opposed to wanting to quit all the time.


@kalishane Please no 6v6. No 6v6 ever again. ever again. 8v8 all the time every time.


6 v 6 far better keep it up for Aow


No it sucks. I want to keep playing after I get my 100k, not stop because I have to be a thoughtful factionmate.


My expectations for this weekend are as follows

  1. Rewards will be announced and as ever disappointing
  2. We will be told (incorrectly) it is 8 v 8
  3. World cans will be suspiciously absent again
  4. So will any response from anyone who actually works for the company

Ssssssshhhhhhh scrooop


if it’s 6 vs 6 hope the milestones are for BLITZ and not normal war


Don’t see the point in asking tbh, only person that will answer is @kalishane & there’s at least a 50% chance she’ll be wrong anyway.


How about this for phrasing? lol


So sayeth the people in a healthy active faction.

Please Lord never again! So sayeth the other 90% of the players still hanging on for dear life struggling to form a queue of six while the game crumbles around us and we are now beaten over the head with a stun club by p2p Bruce.