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What about being able to have your faction in more than one war at a time? For example: War fills with first eight and then you can start a new queue for the next 8 players.

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That’s be awesome. Just think how amazing it would be for the lower factions to face the top faction over and over and over again!


And which war would the rest of the faction see? That would be technically very difficult to make, besides there aren’t many factions which could fill 2 wars at once, basically mainly top factions, so lower factions would face them more often, I don’t think that’s what ppl want


The queue would be better though.
So 9 and 10 in queue don’t constantly miss wars.
They are auto queued for next war.


How would the game differentiate between the wars tho?
If someone wasn’t in either war and wanted to spectate a war how would they choose which one to view?
If one queue is stuck searching for a while will the second queue fill immediately or after the first one finds a war?
What if one queue is full and a second one starts but a player backs out of the first queue? Will the second one spill over to the first or would the next person just go to the first queue?


Funny thing is if they are against the top faction they won’t be able to fight them again unless they have 16 players or 12 players playing at all times meaning they will have to settle with the second place faction


Honestly in most regions people find it hard to fill a queue of 8 at certain times. 2 queues doesn’t seem feasible except for the point when that faction is it’s most active (day shift US for eg). Obviously most top factions may be able to manage this but all this will do is drive away the mid and lower factions even more as they struggle to just fill up and consistently war

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I don’t like this idea. War is already a huge time sink. This would make it that much worse.


The easy way to make these wars better is have a body option, you can join and put body and if that players hasn’t attacked then some1 can take their spot. Whatever damage that player has taken will transfer to whoever comes in. I’ve lost track of how many players are just sitting there while theres active people who could have been playing


I agree with the above poster regarding the expansion of fillers. I think it would help the health of the game more to improve the mid tier rather the top factions who have no trouble queuing.

Personally, i would implement it giving everybody in the faction the ability to volunteer themselves as fillers/bodies (a tickbox in the profile screen or something). When war is declared the 8 strongest volunteers (in terms of war def) will be assigned to the queue. Each time a non filler joins, a filler is removed. This way every faction can sustain queue.

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