War suggestion :)

Would it be possible to start an option where you can join up for war while another war is going on? That way, it eliminates the same 8 players from hogging all the wars in busy factions as well as helps slow factions have extra time to fill spots. Maybe you could make it to where you can only claim 4 spots before the last war ends to keep it fair or something like that… just a suggestion/question



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So those who are in war won’t be able to join up? Nah fam, we all gotta earn our spot in the war roster. It doesn’t work like that.

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You guys don’t share? What kind of teamwork is that? My faction tries to make sure everyone hits the milestones. We take turns sitting out so others get an opportunity to play and only fill when necessary.

Maybe talk to your guys about team play. You don’t get anything extra once you hit the last milestone.


That’s why I said have it max at 4 people to make it fair.

Huh? This is completely off topic.

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Fair thing would be giving everyone the same chance as it is. Complete re-queue after war. No 4 spots for early birds nonsense.

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No because if you are waiting on war, you have to just stare at your phone… 30 minutes left in war, but it could end in 5 or go the full 30. So in a super busy faction, players could miss quite a few wars unless they just stare at their phone the whole time.

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I’m sorry but if you can’t somewhat guess the length of a war based on scores etc. thats your fault and not anyone else’s. Once again, a pre-queue sort of thing is not fair.

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Well you’re welcome to your opinion, but I’m welcome to mine. I think it would be a great idea.

What would be interesting would be to have the ability of waring with 2 (more) different teams at the same time.
8 people against an opponent faction, 8 others against another opponent faction. Or 6v6 maybe.
We had an old thread going on about that … never been updated !

That’s where my original thought was, but I started thinking of too many negatives. Would create an even larger divide with top factions, but if we could eliminate some of the negatives, that would be cool too.

If top factions are active enough to gather 12 or 16 people at the same time, then why not let them play at the same time ?

Unless it is technically not safe, which I may understand seeing how it already is to have a decent matching service …

What dyou think would be the negatives ?

This makes zero sense.

So you don’t want to wait for war to end because you are staring at your phone but you’re going to wait for that war to end and then the next one to start?
By the time the next war starts people may have left or turned off their phones

Not at all. If a war ends the way it works now, essentially everyone in the current war can just automatically get in the war right after. Then there are search times, notifications etc. So you should obviously check your phone, but don’t have to just stare at it the whole time.

So you have a difference of about a 5 second window to get in the next war(if everyone jumps right over) compared to 2-5 minutes to get notified that wars about to start.

No you’re waiting so much longer, bad idea
Keep surviving

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