War Stash Timer

So what are people’s thoughts on the logic behind the war stash timer?

It ends sometime Friday, which means if there was a war schedule next weekend it wouldn’t provide rewards

Calendar doesn’t show a blitz so no war tokens from there.

Scopley are selling offers with tokens, clearly inciting those close to finishing the first stash to pay to complete.

But why run the timer to Friday if war ends Sunday/Monday? 24-48 hours after is sensible.

Unless it’s because you can only open a stash one item at a time and it’ll take 5 days just to cash in all your tokens…


In a effort to turn a profit they figured we might buy the rest of them :man_shrugging:

Not sure you can begrudge Scopley selling stuff. Not sure it has any bearing on the timer either

I figure it’s currently a trial run, a la gold radio, to see what initial response to it is. Although I would it like 60 days-ish, I’d rather it came back with better stuff

I hope for a surprise blitz war, wish we had the days of a guaranteed toon again and not a crappy RNG crate.

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bleh not paying for 5 tokens or w/e for some random character 2019 we still can’t choose

gives I 7 days to buy more tokens and get desperate near the end
if u need 4 tokens, 3 bucks for 1
on Tuesday they will sell 2 for 10
then on Friday 4 hours before the end, it will be 100 for 1

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Well… this war is clearly catered to first place factions. If your in a first place faction and hit 200k that puts you at 53 tokens. 17 away from getting a second crate. Well there was a solid war can deal for 2.99 that came with a token and now a decent 19.99 deal for ten which would leave you six short. So I mean your going to get a guareenteed ascendable for probably less than 50 bucks depending on how much it is to get the last 6 tokens required.

Way to cater to the best players in the game already.

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“Best players in the game” don’t need anyone in those crates.


Yea well they will spend either way.

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You can when they compromise the game play/balance for a quick buck.
It’s a two tier get design and they’ve essentially forgotten about a non-coin operated anything

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