War stash this time

i heard somewhere that from now on war stash tokens will be moveable to next war stash… is this news correct ??


What’s your source?

No war stash but a token wheel

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Yup a token wheel this time and 1 pull until 8th

Only a week? I hope factions outside Top 10 get a pull…

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it does make much more sense
To have stashes carry over.

Otherwise it literally forces you to pay or get basically nothing
out of being an average team in CRW.

Past 2 wars I didn’t get anywhere in the stash did not spend
fuck it.

Coudn’t be bothered lol.

If at least the progress carried over somehow it would make warring
Interesting for all levels. and Especially better for lower teams who
can’t place high.

It was pretty logical idea a long long time ago
To have Wars give a certain amount of Tokens
and then use those Tokens on 6 stars.
Took over a year for them to reach this Simple Logical
Model. This is the only way to have Wars keep people interested.

If we had a model like this since the launch of 6 stars
I personally would have enjoyed the Wars and Game much more
in the 6 star Era.

I guess Finally since they have created a new “Tier”
Of characters in the game, now it’s logical for them to give free
toons on the lower end of the Power creep more readily.

It’s sad so many toons had to Go through the “SHOP” first
before seeing action unlike with 5 stars, where many of the
Free 5 stars came out as War prizes.

This game just basically took a year off Of Having Interesting Wars.
And instead put everything they could in the Shop,
even thrash average Toons like “jessie” And even Free to play
like Blue Yumiko ended up in the Shop!!!

What an Typical Greedy Garbage Move.

We could of had a whole year of decent and interesting wars
but instead we all got forced into Doing all these Museum things
And pay to play everyday fuck.

It’s about Time Wars became more interesting.
This game NEEDS wars to be the TOP of the Priority List.

It’s literally the BIGGEST “purpose” all the Characters can Receive.

Without Wars being Important, everything else becomes even less Important.

The more Significance wars have, the more Everything else Becomes

So stupid and greedy.


Also a good idea if the toons are trash like last time, i let my war tokens turn into supply depot points, the conversion amount is trash also tho :roll_eyes:

Considering neither of them posted any source for the wheel or any conclusive stuff it’s most likely just speculation or trolling

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I stand corrected

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Probably 100 tokens for a pull, under top 10 factions will be granted by 10 tokens and the wheel will expire one week later.

Lol. At least the official forums are at the cutting edge of news and updates

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Well I won’t be getting a pull, normal finish place for CRW 25-40, still need something for these placements to keep the top teams fed

JB said 24 almost get a pull and top 8 get a pull

Hopefully a lucky offer will pop off for the top 24 just before the wheel ends

Saying that rng wheels suck as I’ve said before 3 years never got a decent toon from them

Why those wheels? :roll_eyes:
Remember the times the top 3 just get an awesome toon? :heart_eyes: sigh

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So our saved tokens are useless? :smile:

Hahahahaha they fixed the people that saved tokens :joy::joy::joy::joy:

What’s in the token wheel? Toons with a mix of hot garbage. Will soldier trainers be in there and single Burt’s? Would love to see the top faction cry posts about how they didn’t get shit from the wheel. Classic scopely’s moves and people think this is the right direction to just find a turd at the end of it.

Can’t wait!!!