War Stash Rewards - 18/1/19

Leaked by our Russian friends, seems it could last 30 odd days? Four chances at a toon crate.

Absolute garbage lmao


Don’t quite understand what the stash is for… so instead of the supply depot tokens the f2p players in lower faction receive when they can’t get a pull, you decide to give them spray paint? Mindblown.


Them stashes are absolutely disgusting. At least put some decent stuff in there


Bruce is in the crate finally WE HAVE A F2P DISARM!!! #thedaythef2pwon


In fairness we can’t see the three stashes beyond the first right now, but i can only assume it will be marginally better

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Which most f2p won’t reach lol. But hey, they get four bennies.


Enjoy you f2p Akio lol, or aris or Hershel or anything but the Marlon and Bruce


Community : “We want a f2p disarm !”
Scopely : “Hold my beer…”


I could use a 4th aris fo sho.


Shouldn’t have ascendable from the five star wheel in there… so silly.

Just like past war rewards, the real prizes are the characters/ascendable 5*s you’d get.

If this wasn’t a stash, it’d probably be 1 pull on a guaranteed ascendable wheel, with no other prizes. This is better, at least from what I’m seeing so far.

Assuming how long this lasts, maybe.

200k and first place will get u 13 into stash 2 at least. So maybe there is hope to complete it all in the 30 ish days

Because trigger assembly’s are so desired

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Irregardless of how long it lasts, but rather based on comparison for first place in war.

In previous wars, first place in AoW/CRW gets you exactly 1 pull on the ascendable wheel. From this war alone, you’ll get 5 extra tokens(not counting the another 8 you can get from milestones) into stash 2.

So it’s already a guaranteed ascendable 5*, plus bonus stash items.

Meh, got already 6 out of 8, here we come dups.:smile:

I have 8 of 8 lmao

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The benedicts and other rewards are. Bonus is bonus regardless.

If it’s a decision between just 1 ascendable 5*, or 1 ascendable 5* and 40 bonus items, I pick the latter.

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Right. This is better for those who can reach forty pulls. I’m worried about the ones who can’t, even though I’m not in that boat.