War stash offers?

Does anyone know if the war stash tokens will be appear in the offers that are obtainable with coins

@JB.Scopely any info on this or are a lot of people Gunna be left out and frustrated that there not obtainable really can’t be bothered with crappy ascendable medals or supply points rather have a toon

This topic has been brought up and jb has clarified they will not carry over. It sucks yes, but as you see they haven’t listened to players yet and continue this terrible reward system.

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I seen that but I’ve noticed that the only one way to get more tokens is spending money for some but the previous wars with the stash had offers we’re you can get 2 guaranteed tokens for something silly like 275 coins …and scopley for you don’t like listening to players

Isn’t worth to waist even 100 coins on this :poop: crate imo

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Again true but I’d rather waste some coins on a guaranteed toon than doing a ten pull or whatever and getting all 4*

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