War stash is painfull

Can an “open all” button be added to the war stash? It’s incredibly painful to open 60+ tokens


I opened and got my bonus bag…i wanted madison…i got shiva…cries!!


I wanted shiva and got ivannova lol


Getting you to repetitively open a stash one at a time is probably some form of subconscious training to get you in the habit of opening them, in hopes you’ll open other stashes later.


I wanted Shiva and got Maddie , not a bad result though . Non dupe

Pro tip, finish lower end of top 10. The rewards are so bad, it isn’t even worth spending the time cashing in the tokens


Got Alpha number 3, could be useful popping them all off round 2 on a tower team. Not sure how effective they still are on attack.

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Wanted her forever! Have a badass melee killing team coming up now!


For towers i thought so also but depending on skill it could be an issue and cost you time if they use it like focus is overused, heal, stun, etc while col 2 is a zombie hordes nightmare i found that toons with multi hit rush like damage to 4 is best as the tower zombies are spread out a lot of the time and you seem to get after the first bundle each wave 3 or 4, 3 or 2, 2, 1 zombies which are not next to each other, ive been using war michonne behind tara with a crit gun, her rush hits 4 and she gains almost all her ap back from just the rush, with the gun and lead ap gains also shes rushing constant taking out 4 zombies at a time even if they arnt bundled up in a horde

I meant a tower defense team sorry! Got everything I need for two solid tower attacking teams. But yeah, for a tower defense three Alphas going round 2 would be a nuisance to say the least.

For reds she would murder them and she pops so fast, put her behind andrea lead with siddiq commanding can do some insane damage, col 2 is often tossed to the side but its a great specialist skill

A feuture we will get in Survivors Club :wink:

I wanted Shiva but got nothing cuz im poor

i got 22 tokens as reward but cba to claim them from stash atm might get them when i got really bored of my other game which i actually enjoy.

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Another problem is the quality of the loot in the stash. I didn’t care about any one thing in the first stash. Bunch of crap that won’t really help anyone. You have to get to stash 2 onwards before you get anything useful.

The toons for AOW were far, far better too. So much to improve here @JB.Scopely please make rewards worth the grind and listen to the community as people are leaving the game in droves

3 days of warring for elite item tokens and trigger mechanisms, burts and weapon tokens…


I have Shiva, but I’m poor now (because of Shiva)

Lol all these threads and comments complaining about having to press a button to many times…all while the rewards system itself is completely broken. …but yes please have a open all button…before fixing the broken system

The entire game is painful